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What is a Wand

A wand is a device that has been created/crafted in order to amplify the transference of energy from one point to another. The energy of the wand changes depending of how and what the wand is made of. Wands can be everything from homemade to professionally crafted. Please remember when choosing a wand to trust you instincts and go with the one that you are the most attached to.

How to use a wand

A wand will usually have a more pointed end or a crystal point on it. This is the end that will focus and direct the energy to where you want it to go. Think of this like a lazer and unseen energy following out and through this point. Hold the wand and move it over the area that you would like the energy to follow into remembering to stay focused on the task at hand so that the energy is at it’s purest.

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