Tuning Fork

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Tuning fork 4096 Hz for Healing Sound Vibration Therapy & cleansing Crystals 

Product Description

The Crystal Tuning Fork is calibrated at 4096 Hz and activate, amplify and cleanse any crystal that it is used, it works particularly well on all quartz based crystals.  , 

How to use

Strike that Tuning Fork on an activator or hard surface (you can have a crystal you use this for I find a nice chunk of Obsidian works well), this will make the Tuning Fork start to vibrate.  4096 is a very high vibration which some people could have trouble hearing depending on hearing levels.

Place the stem end of the Tuning Fork directly onto the crystal, this will activate, amplify and cleanse your nominated crystal through sound therapy. You can also achieve the same result by moving the toning Tuning Fork around the crystal.  You can now be programmed or use your cleansed crystal.

How Tuning Forks work

Tuning  Forks are used in healing through sound or vibrational healing therapy.  This is a form of alternative therapy which involves using specific sounds, pitches and vibration to promote better heal, relieve stress and pain.  Tuning Forks are a safe and gentle form of Alternate therapy and have been proven safe to use on adults, children and pets.  If you and unsure about using this therapy please consult a specialist.

When a Tuning fork is struck it starts to vibrate which creates sound waves that travel out from the Tuning Fork into the area around the Fork which causes the surrounding area to vibrate to the same frequency.

Who are using these Tuning Forks? A wide number of Therapist are now using sound Therapy these fields include:

    • Healers
    • Therapists
    • Acupuncturists
    • Meditation Seekers
    • Chiropractors
    • Sound treatment Practitioners.

What are the benefits of using these Tuning Forks for Sound Therapy?

Sound and frequency effects every atom & every cell that it comes in contact with so it can assist in the following areas:

    • Improve overall physical health.
    • Relieve pain and stress.
    • Balance Nervous system.
    • Reduce Inflammation.
    • Uncover & balance emotions.
    • Induce relaxation.
    • Transform and facilitate inner harmony and wholeness


I currently am unable to purchase Tuning Forks at a reasonable wholesale price in order to on-sell.  Thank you for your understanding of not having this product available.