Summer Solstice – Inner Power and Light

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The Summer Solstice, Midsummer or Litha

The Summer Solstice, Midsummer or Litha has been a time of celebration from the earliest points in history. Our ancestors have been following the movements of the sun and its journey through the heavens throughout history. This time of celebration has been represented in most ancient cultures. The Summer Solstice was created in order for people to survive and thrive, by understanding when to plant and when to harvest their food according to the seasons.

The two main points in time that are celebrated, and have monuments such as Stonehenge built to observe them, are the Winter Solstice and the Summer Solstice. These are the shortest and longest day of the year.

The Summer Solstice is marked each year by when the sun is at its highest point in the sky and the day is at its longest. In the southern hemisphere, this is usually either the 21 or 22nd of December (22nd Dec 2021). It is believed that the cycle of the Sun is representative or a reflection of the cycle of our lives. We have a big growth period where everything is fertile and forges ahead at a great rate and we have a period where we rest and rejuvenate and release old patterns.

The Summer Solstice is a time to look within ourselves and honour who we are. At this time we find the wisdom (nourishment) needed to move forward and transition to the next level. It is a time to have faith in ourselves and the things we have put in place so that we can progress forward and become who we are meant to be.

When the light is at its brightest and the days are at their longest, it is a time to remember that there is good and hope in the world. We can be a part of that energy so that it spreads out and nourishes every corner of the world. This is the time of year to step back and work on who you are, release what you don’t need and move forward so you can transition to a new level. By taking the time to honour this day of the year, you are allowing yourself to energetically shift and align yourself with the natural cycle so you can progress forward.

There are many ways you can celebrate the Summer Solstice. Your celebration does not need to be time-intensive, or complex. It can be as simple as taking a couple of minutes to immerse yourself in the energy of the day at a deeper level. Below are some ideas on how to honour this special time of year.

Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

  • Mediate as the sun is rising and focus on feeling the nurishement of the sun and your gratudute for the light. A great stone to hold while doing this is Sunstone, Libyan Desert Glass, and Carnelian for this.
  • Express Gratitude from everything you have in your life and everything you would like to come into your life. Some great stones to carry around with you at this time are CitrineYellow Apatite and Green Aventurine.
  • Set Midsummer Intention.  Set your own intention with what you would like in your life moving forward.  This day is all about you and your growth so make sure you start it as an ‘I’m so deep fully grateful now that I am……’ intention. You can make a Mojo Bag that suits you intention and carry to with you.
  • Have a fire to celebrate the light. Anything from a candle to a bonfire just please rememder to be safe.
  • Have a walk in nature making sure to take the time to feel the warmth of the sun with gratitude.Stones you can use to Help you connect and better understand nature are Mystic MerliniteDarwin GlassGreen AventurineMoss Agate and Shungite.
  • While facing the sun do the Yoga Salute to the Sun.  If you don’t know this you can find it on Youtube. Try Yoga with a grid of Sunstone, Carnelian and Clear Quartz around you.
  • Find the thing that makes you the happiest, and remindes you the most of Summer; then imerse yourself in it. Feel the light and the joy of Summer and all the happy times to come.
  • Have a meal or celebration with the special people in your life and enjoy all that is in season. Try gifting a Sunstone to all guests so they can remember the special occasion.
  • Sunflowers are the perfect flower to help celebrate the Summer Solstice.

What I like to do for the Summer Solstice is to take the time to honour myself and the Four Directions and what they stand for. Please see the guide below.

Honouring the Light Within and the Four Directions

  1. Start by setting up the objects (listed below) that correspond to the direction at each cardinal point (North, South, East and West).  You can use whatever objects you feel suit the Cardinal points, and feel right for you. I have a copy of the purpose and intent of each direction at the correct point so I can easily focus of what is needed.
  2. At this time of year I like to include a small candle at each point to remind me of the light.
  3. Start your Mediation/Gratitude journey with East (the sun rising) and move through South, West and North Reflecting/Meditation on each point and what it represents. This is about you so take as long or as little time as you need on each point.
  4. At the end sit in the centre of the points and take the time to celebrate your inner power and light and have gratitude for all that has been and will be.
  5. Always end by being fire safe 😊
  6. I will put the crystals I have used in a organza bag and carry them with me for as long as needed to reinforce the intent and the energy moving forward.
East Summer Solstice
Summer Solstice
Summer Solstice