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Stop 5G – FREE letter of Concern/Protest Against 5G

So we are finally here 🙁 Unfortunately I am seeing more and more 5G towers going up across Australia and the world. We must pull together as one people and have our voices heard. 5G is untested and has huge health risks to us all as well as future generations, Thankfully Mother Nature is providing us with some help to protect ourselves with products like Shungite (Click here to see my range of EMF protecting Shungite products) but as a people we must start to stand up and let our voices be heard. Click here for more info on my Top 3 Crystals to Protect against EMF 5G.

I have put together and sent out this letter of protest to all of my local council members on the Sunshine Coast and Australian Parliament Members and would urge you to do the same. Unless we start saying something this is not going to stop.

Please download (Word file at bottom of page) or copy and paste this FREE letter of protest/concern over the rollout of 5G in Australia and send it to as many Authoritarian as you can. I have tried to word it to a general location within Australia so please adjust and make it personal to your situation as you see fit. Lets stand as one and make them listen!

I have also included a downloadable file at the bottom of the page with a list of relevant Australian Parliament Members emails.

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RE: Concerns over 5G Rollout on the Sunshine Coast, Qld and in Australia

Dear Sir/Madam

I am a concerned citizen of Australia and on behalf of my family I would like to raise my fears over the rollout of 5G Technology in my local area as well as the rest of Australia.  I have major concerns over the long-term health implications for myself, my family and all residence and visitors to Australia with this long-term untested Technology.  There is no evidence that the technology is safe and there is much science to indicate a high risk to our health and that of future generations. 

I am pleased to note that a large number of councils around Australia are currently starting to listen to what their constituents want and question the rollout of this long-term untested potentially dangerous technology.  I am proud to see that the residence of Australia are standing up and having their voices heard to stop this unwanted technology.  Please note the following protests and rally that have taken place in Australia recently:

  • 29th January 2019 No5G Blue Mountains
  • 13th June 2019 Stop 5G Northern Rivers NSW
  • 22nd June 2019 Perth’s Stop 5G rally
  • 22nd June 2019 Brisbane Stop 5G
  • 22nd June 2019 Melbourne Stop 5G
  • 22nd June 2019 Hervey Bay Stop 5g rally
  • 29th June 2019 Newcastle Forum Stop 5g Rally
  • 30th June 2019 Sydney Stop 5g Rally
  • 2nd July 2019 Sunshine Coast Stop 5g Rally
  • 7th July Brisbane Forum Stop 5G Rally

Australian Barrister Ray Broomhall has successfully had 5G towers removed legally in Australia due to proving their danger and in accordance with the law. But this is isn’t enough, we must stop it nationwide. 

To date, several parliaments around the world have introduced moratoriums and I call on the Australian parliament to do the same. Esteemed scientists around the world have publicly proclaimed their reservations about this technology.  Also to date, several cities around the world have halted the 5G rollout due to concern for its citizens’ health including, Brussels, Rome, Florence and Geneva.

My fears are well founded as is shown below by the number of councils/governments this year alone that have halted or are taking precautions with this untested technology.  Please note the following cases:

In 2017 an international 5G Appeal was launched by scientists and doctors who are calling for the EU to halt the roll out of 5G due to serious potential health effects from the technology. As of April 24, 2019, 231 scientists and medical doctors have signed the appeal.

March 24, 2019: Portland Oregon city officials in the US stated their opposition to the installation of 5G networks around the city, supported by the mayor and two commissioners. The city officials considered that 5G health risks were not well enough understood to warrant installations.

March 28, 2019: Florence, Italy, applied the precautionary principle by refusing permission for 5G infrastructure and referring to “the ambiguity and the uncertainty of supranational bodies and private bodies (like ICNIRP)”, which “have very different positions from each other, despite the huge evidence of published studies”.

March 28, 2019: The Roman district “XII Municipality of Rome” voted against allowing 5G trials, with other districts expected to follow. Other motions to stop 5G are expected in the four regional councils, one provincial council and other municipal councils of Italy.

April 1, 2019: Plans for a pilot project to provide high-speed 5G wireless internet in Brussels have been halted due to fears for the health of citizens. Environment Minister Céline Fremault said that “The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit. We cannot leave anything to doubt”.

April 4, 2019: The House of Representatives of the Netherlands expressed its concern over the possible health risks of radiation from the new 5G network. Political parties want to know as a matter of urgency what the dangers are before 5G is rolled out on a large scale.

April 5, 2019: The California Supreme Court Justices unanimously upheld a 2011 San Francisco ordinance requiring telecommunications companies to get permits before placing small cell antennas on city infrastructure.

April 8, 2019: A petition asking the German Parliament to stop the award of 5G frequencies has reached 54,643 signatures, surpassing the quorum, according to an environmental campaign group called ‘Diagnose: Funk’. The German Parliament may decide to suspend the procedure to award 5G frequencies based on “scientifically justified doubts about the safety of this technology”, according to the petition.

April 9, 2019: Switzerland’s 3rd largest region, Canton of Vaud, adopted a resolution calling for a moratorium on 5G antennas until the publication of a report on 5G by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment. Other cantons may follow with further moratoriums.

April 11, 2019: Geneva adopted a motion for a moratorium on 5G, calling on the Council of State to request WHO to monitor independent scientific studies to determine any possible harmful effects of 5G.

April 20, 2019: Switzerland announced that it will monitor 5G health risks as a result of a pushback from citizens who claim that 5G emissions present dire health risks. Four cantons have now stopped 5G networks, Jura, Geneva, Vaud and Neuchâtel. Comprising 1.5 million people.

I would ask that you supply me with a detailed plan of:

  • what you are doing to safeguard the health and safety of your residence and visitors in relation to the long-term untested and potentially dangerous 5G exposure.
  • with a detailed plan and timeline of who will be given permission and where they will be allowed to install 5G Technologies within Australia. Please note this includes technologies already in place or to be installed that can be activated to enable 5G.
  • What restrictions are being placed on the placement of these potentially harmful devices including the proximity to schools and public areas.
  • What public consultation has been done in relation to the rollout of 5G Technologies on the in my local area and across Australia.

Myself, my family and others within the community have great concerns over the health implications of the 5G Technology and request that you halt the rollout until independent long-term studies can be done to show that it is safe and will not cause health issues.  I call upon you to do everything in your power to stop this as the health and safety of generations to come is dependent on this. 

I look forward to your response.

Kind Regards

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