Smoky Amethyst Quartz

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Smoky Amethyst Quartz

  • Alternative Names: Amethyst Smoky Quartz and Smoky Amethyst Quartz
  • Crystal System:  Trigonal
  • Formation: Primary
  • Mineral Class:  Oxide, quartz group
  • Location Found: Worldwide
  • Hardness Mohs: 7
  • Colour: Purple Amethyst combined with Brown/Grey Smoky Quartz in varying amounts
  • Rarity: Rare and sometimes difficult to obtain
  • Forms: Natural – rough and points and sometimes tumbled
  • Birthstone: Amethyst is a February Birthstone
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Aquarius, Virgo, Sagittarius, Scorpio
  • Numerological Number: 2, 3 and 8
  • Element: Air, Water and Earth
  • Affirmation:I can become all I am meant to be knowing I am protected every step of the way.

Amethyst Smoky Quartz History Mythology – Amethyst Smoky Quartz is a combination of two distinct Quartz – Amethyst and Smoky Quartz and is referred to by both names Smoky Amethyst and Amethyst Smoky depending on the dominant stone within the crystal. The two stones combine beautifully and you will find the more dominant the stone in the combination the more the piece will hold the properties of that specific stone and the balance will be created making each piece individual in the energies it gives. This is a fairly recent stone that is emerging more and more so there are no specific traditions surrounding it.

Amethyst History Mythology Information: The word Amethyst comes from the Greek word ‘amethustos’ which means non-inebriated. Crystal cups made of Amethyst were used due to the belief that it would have a sobering effect on the user and they would not get drunk. Konrad von Megenbery in the middle ages defined the crystal as being a mineral that ‘makes a person better, disperses bad thoughts, brings good commonsense, and makes one mild and gentle.

Smoky Quartz History Mythology Information – In many European Countries throughout history Smoky Quartz has been a good luck stone that would be worn as a protective talisman.   The belief is still strong today and you will find crucifixes/cross cut from Smoky Quartz.  References to the sacred stone Smoky Quartz and its uses in Scotland date back to the druids and it is to this day the National Gem Stone of Scotland.

Amethyst Smoky Metaphysical Healing Properties Information: Amethyst Smoky Quartz brings together two wonderful stones and combines their properties to bring forth a high vibrational stone that is very protective as well as detoxifying or cleansing to one’s body and soul. Just like Amethyst, Amethyst Smoky Quartz helps to open the Third Eye and assist you in contacting higher beings/spiritual energies and once you have made contact it will then through the Smoky Quartz element help to ground those energies firmly. The two stones work wonderfully in combination to clear and then shield once all negative energies/being/influences are removed helping to prevent them from returning. This stone can help you to break previous contract/ties made in past lives so that you can move forward freely and continue on your own spiritual path without the burden of past involvements.

I find that these stones and the vibrations they give off change depending on the crystal combination within. Working with them very much brings through the higher self aspect and the grounding you need to access it. AffirmationI can become all I am meant to be knowing I am protected every step of the way.

Chakra – Third Eye, Crown Chakra and Base Chakra

Smoky Amethyst Physical Healing – helps to detoxify and cleans the body including clearing unwanted parasites, rebuild the endocrine system and assist with stabilizing hormone production and balance. It also crosses over with both the physical healing of Amethyst and smoky.

Smoky Quartz Healing – Excellent for treating radiation-related illness of chemotherapy.  Promotes pain relief,  Good for ailments of abdomen, hip, and legs relieve pain and helps with headaches.  Dissolves cramps strengthen back and fortifies the nerves.  Aids in the assimilation of mineral regulated liquid within the body.

Amethyst Healing – Cleanses blood, immune system, skin conditions, cellular disorders, fine tunes metabolism and assists with the endocrine system.

Smoky Amethyst Applications suggested uses:

  • Meditated with it placed on the Third Eye or held to help clear away negativity energy/entities.
  • Carried around as a protective talisman to help ward off all negative energies.
  • Is a great stone to use when you feel that you are being targeted by unwanted energies or a ‘spell’ directed at you by someone. Try making a ‘Hex’ protection Mojo Bag with the following crystals in any or all combination and carry it around with you. LarvikiteBlack TourmalineHag StoneAegirineClear Quartz and Tektite or ramp it up with Moldavite.
  • Placed on the body or appropriate Chakra for healing
  • It can assist to break attachment or contracts put in place from previous lives when specifically meditated on for this purpose.
  • Can be used safely to make essences (please clean thoroughly before use and make sure your specimen is pure)

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