Rune Stones Meanings

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Mannaz – “Mankind” Mind, Memory, Divine Structure

The first phrase over the doorway at the temple of Delphi was Know thyself followed by Nothing in excess.  This is a reminder that in all areas the starting point is with self and self potential. First, you must find and balance the correct relationship with yourself, before you can find it with others or the divine.  Drawing this rune is an indication of major growth and rectification so that you can progress and evolve into the person you are meant to be to better help mankind.  Release judgment of yourself and others for the greater good.  Strive to live an ordinary life in an extraordinary manner. Reversed: Time to take a deep look inwards to discover what is holding you back.  At this time you must work on clearing all blockages

Gebo “Gift”  Exchange, Generosity, Partnership

Gebo the rune of Partnership and has no reverse. It is an indication that a potential relationship is at hand.  This can be in any area of your life personal, business or spiritual.  Be generous and giving with your new relationship but always remain true to yourself and who you are as an individual part of a whole.   It can also be an indication that you are ready to be open to a greater partnership with a higher power or the Divine.

Ansuz  “Messenger”, Signal, A God, Communication

Ansuz is the first of the thirteen runes that make up the Cycle of Initiation so be prepared to enter a time of self change.  A greater connection with the Divine is entering your life.  It is a messenger rune letting you know that greater things are about to unfold.  Look for the signals or messages that are being shown to you as they will bring opportunity and luck directly from the Divine source.

Reversed: You need to work on communication as there is a breakdown that is hindering you.  You have the way forward but first, you must find and clear all blockages holding you back.

Othala or Othila “Inheritance”, Legacy, Homeland and Acquisition

Othala is the rune of Acquisition and benefits.  Wealth is about to enter into your life.  It is a time of realization in the understanding of what the meaning of abundance is to you.  It is a reminder that to have more in your life it is important to let things go.  What aspects of your life do you need to clear to allow more important things in?  Othila is a rune in the Cycle of Initiation.

Reversed: Othila or Othala this rune in reverse is an indication that it is time to clear out the old to allow the new to come into your life and help others.  Once cleared out remain patient and allow the path to unfold.

Uruz “Endurance” Strength, Persistence, Survival

Uruz is a rune in the Cycle of Initiation and is an indication of endings and new beginnings.  It lets you know that you have outgrown the point in life you are at and must progress forward.  It is a reminder of the cycle of life and its five aspects. Death, decay, fertilization, gestation, and rebirth.  You do not need to be afraid of the darkness as the light will follow.  Out of the ashes you will be born a new and start on a better period in your life.  You must look for opportunities that will come out of the loss’

Reversed: Reversed this rune is an indication that you need to look deeper into your actions as your lack of sight has allowed you to miss opportunities presented to you.  This is a wake-up call to be more alert to what is before you move forward.

Perthro “Fate” Unknown, Luck, Chance

Perthro is a mystery rune and is an indication and reminder that luck or fate plays a certain role in life.  A reminder that there are certain things that we have no control over and that luck can be both good and bad.  Sometimes we need to take a step back and let things play out around us, go with the flow and see what the outcome is:  Now and then we need to take some risks in life to move forward.

Reverse: Time to look at where you are stagnant in your life or areas that are holding you back.  Do you need to release areas to move forward?  Do you need to work on an addiction that is detrimental to your life.  Are you taking too many unnecessary risks that have damaging outcomes?

Nauthiz “Necessity” Constraint. Life Lessons, Restraint

Nauthiz is the Ruse of Constraint. When drawn it is an indication that you need to look at the darker side of yourself.  What are your weaknesses, what is holding you back from becoming your true self.  This is a time to pay off old debt and restore the balance to your life.  These debts can be of a karmic nature of tangible value.  Rebalance the playing field within yourself so you can move forward without constraint.

Reverse: In Reverse this rune is a reminder that we need to keep faith in the direction we are moving and take more control over our lives. A time to be more restrained in our impulses and find better control over our emotions.

Inguz “Seed”, New Beginnings, Fertility, Evolution

Inguz is another of the Cycle Rune and drawing it is an indication that it is time to ground and center yourself as a new beginning is on the horizon.  Prepare yourself as you would the earth before the time of planting, and fertilize yourself by releasing old habits and letting go of detrimental relationships.  New beginnings are just around the corner so you must prepare.  Inguz has no reverse this is a time to fertilization and preparation for new beginnings.

Eihwaz or Ihwaz “Rising Energy” – Death Mysteries, Immortality, Becoming

Eihwaz is an indication that you are at a point in your life where you are about to understand some of the greater mysteries in life.  It is about understanding that when one door closes another one will open and that that point can be the threshold to spiritual growth.  It is not a time to be rushed, but to stop and look at the possibility ahead and make the decision to move forward with your eyes wide open.  Eihwaz has no reverse.

Algiz or Elhaz “Higher Self”, Protection, Divinity, Elk

Drawing Algiz is a reminder that to be protected you must first protect yourself.  It teaches you that it is a time to be true to yourself and take ownership of your actions.  Look deep inside yourself and start to understand that you are at a point in your life due to your own actions.  Do not hide from what you have done but own them and learn the lessons needed to grow and progress forward.

Reverse: Time to look at your relationship with those around you and what energy you are projecting on them.  How is this affecting your relationship and health.  Is there a presence in your life that is detrimental and why have you let it remain and affect you.

Fehu “Wealth” Luck, Cattle, New Beginnings

Fehu is a Rune of fulfilment and is associated with luck.  It is a reminder to consider what is important in your life and what you personally consider abundance or wealth.  Only by understanding this can you move forward and create wealth in your life.  It is a reminder that wealth is better shared as it will bring nourishment to both others and yourself.  This is a sign to be ready to put aside any procrastination as a new beginning is emerging.

Reverse: Drawing Rehu in reverse is an indication that you are having a difficult time in your life and it is time to look deeply at all aspects.  You need to decide what you truly want.  Conflict in this area is creating undesirable outcomes that need resolving to move forward and recognize opportunities.

Wunjo “Joy”  Love, Friendship, Hope

Drawing Wunjo is a sign that you are on the right path and a shift has occurred in your life.  You are now going to feel the reward in the form of joy, hope and love.  It is time to leave all sorrows behind you and prepare yourself for the good times ahead filled with love.  This can be a time when you are fully ready to embrace the ‘law of attraction’ and focus on drawing all you need into your life.  It is a time that is filled with harmony and love that will radiate out and make the world a better place.

Reversed: Times are currently challenging and it seems like you are hitting hurdles everywhere and things take a long time to come to fruition.  It is time to meditate on why you are having so many difficulties and understand that things are happening for a greater reason.  What lessons do you need to learn.

Jera “Harvest” Cycles, Year, Patience

Drawing Jera is an indication that you have planted the seed and nourished it.  Now you must find patience during this time of growth.  Be at peace with your actions do not try and hurry the process at this point.  You must understand that it is essential to have patience and let the cycle flow naturally to come to full fruition.  There is no reverse of Jera.

Kenaz or Kano “Illumination” Torch, Knowledge, Fire

It is time to step out of the darkness and into the light.  The light will show you new knowledge, teaching and understanding.  This is a time for action and transformation.  This is a time to use the light in any way you can to reveal the truth and learn from it  This is an exciting time of growth and experience where action is needed.

Reversed: This is a time when darkness will surround an area of your life.  This could be because of a loss or change.  It is a reminder that even in the darkest time the light will return and the time of emptiness with be filled with greater joy.

Tiwaz or Teiwaz “Justice” Spiritual Warrior Sacrifice, Principles

Drawing Tiwaz is an indication that it is time to hold true to your beliefs and dedication in the understanding that through your strength justice will prevail.  It is understood that sometimes sacrifices will be needed for justice to prevail and overcome the tyrant.  Draw on its strength and allow yourself to move toward victory on a personal level or larger.  A true warrior rune.

Reversed: This is a time to look at your motives and whether or not they are true and of a just cause.  If they are not then you need to take the actions to right your path.  Take the time to slow down and see if your intent is of a pure nature.

Berkano or Berkano “Rebirth” Rejuvenation, Healing, Birch Goddess

If you draw Berkano it is time to be gentle with yourself.  You require some healing or rejuvenation.  It is a time to do deep meditation to heal and prepare yourself.  Berkano is about understanding the cycle of life: birth, death and rebirth.  It also represents the readiness to bear a child.  The womb is what is needed in this period, protection and security before birth.

Reversed: You currently have obstacles in front of you that are preventing you from progressing forward.  You need to go back and prepare and cultivate yourself to progress forward.

Ehwaz “Trust” Horse, Partnership, Progression

Ehwaz is an indication that you are in a time of transition and that through movement or progression, you will be in a better place.  It is about moving to a place of trust the same way that a horse and rider must trust in each other to progress forward.  The lines of Ehwaz allow us to understand that we have two sides and that we must find the balance between them to succeed in our efforts.  It is a time to find the trust in your life and progress forward harmoniously.

Reversed: This is a time to be very certain of your actions and look at any blockages in front of you as they may be an indication that a different direction is needed.

Laguz “Flow”’ Water, Imagination, Subconscious

Drawing Laguz is an indication that it is time for you to stop trying to forcefully change things and to allow yourself to get into the flow.  By doing this you will become more intuitive with your higher self and tap into psychic talents, deepening your connection to the Divine or Higher Self.  It is a time for self-transformation and spiritual growth.  Release yourself to the water and emerce yourself into the flow.

Reversed: Drawing Laguz in reverse is a warning that you could be overreaching in your efforts and hindering your spiritual growth.  It is telling you to relax and take a step back to progress forward.

Hagalaz “Hail” – Catastrophe, Elemental Power, Surrender

Hagalaz is the rune of elemental dispurtion and if you have drawn this stone you are in for a rocky path ahead.  The divine and your own higher self are demanding that you grow and have placed disruptions in your path for you to understand this.    This rune is a great awakening stone that will give you a shake-up so that you can emerge and become a better version of yourself.  Take heed that this is what is needed and that the greater the disruption the more significant the changes will be.  Hagalaz has no reverese.

Raidho “Journey” The path, Vehickle, Innder Compass

Raidho is a reminder that even though we are surrounded by many we need to find and walk our path.  It is about staying true to our values and the right action to take in any given situation.  It is a rune of nobility and kingship, as a leader should always think of the greater good of others while at the same time progressing forward with their lives.  Understanding what is right and wrong in the world we live in and always remembering that the journey is an important part of getting to the destination.

Reversed: At this time you need to be particularly attentive to what is happening around you and any disruptions that are in your path.  But don’t despair as this time is a reminder that how you respond to circumstances is your choice.  And no matter what the blockages you face your end destination will be where you are meant to be.

Thurisaz ‘Gateway” Strong One, Path

By drawing Thurisaz you are standing at a gateway and you need to do work on yourself.  You are close to the point of stepping over the threshold and moving into your divine self.  An awakening will occur letting you know what action is needed to move forward and clear any blockages you are holding in your mind, body or spirit.  Your improved self is in front of you and once you step through that gateway all will progress forward. Once you are ready – step through the gateway. Reverse:  Slow down and take everything in you are moving too fast and need to steady your pace to move forward.  This is an indication you are on the right path you just need to find patience and your time will come.

Dagaz “Awakening” Day, Transformation, Breakthrough

Dagaz is the first rune in the stones belonging to the Cycle of Initiation and indicates that you are in a transformation stage and about to have a breakthrough.  This can be a disturbing time as an awakening can show you things that are so radically different to your current thoughts that it can be overwhelming.  However, moving through this change will move you into a major period of light.  You have moved through the darkness and achievement and prosperity are in your future.  This rune has no reverse.

Isa “Ice” stillness, Self Control, Identity

You are in a period of winter where all of your actions seem to be frozen and not progressing forward.  You are drained and need to take the winter to rebuild your strength before your rebirth.  This is a time when you will feel alone, take on this solitude to renew and restore yourself.  Be patient winter will end and this is a time to be vigilant for signs of spring.  Isa has no reveres.

Sowilo or Sowelu “Sun” Wholeness, Victory, Guidance

Sowilo is the rune about the realization of who you are at the core of your being.  Sowilo counsels opening yourself up to the light and letting it fill you. It is a time to brush away the secrets and doubts and become your true self.  Release and be reborn again with the ultimate goal of becoming the spiritual warrior you were always meant to be.  Sowilo has no reverse.

The blank Rune “The Divine” Unknowable, Odin

Drawing the blank rune will mean that it is time for you to have faith and trust in what is ahead of you.  You need to understand that sometimes the divine does not present you with answers but asks you to have trust in the process and outcome.  With this stone is held undiluted potential that anything can be manifested and that you are on the true path to fulfil your destiny.