Tektite Meteorite 15.2 grams


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Tektite Meteorite  x1  

Approximate Weight: 15.2 grams  

Approximate Size: 3.4cm x 2.8cm x 1.4cm 

You are purchasing the exact Tektite photographed. 

Tektite Meteorite Metaphysical Healing Properties Information

I do my best to take true and accurate photos however please note that there can be a variance in the colour due to lighting and monitor colour differences.

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Tektite Meteorite Metaphysical Healing Properties Information

Tektite is a meteorite sometimes referred to as a Splash Tektite and is believed on a Metaphysical Healing level to enhance your spiritual connection to other worlds due to the mixing of Earthly and UnEarthly material that happen when it impacts the earth.  This is believed to assist you on your spiritual path by activating and enhancing your psychic abilities.  It is known to help raise your vibration and to strengthen your aura as well as the bio-magnetic field that surrounds your body.  It is also a very powerful protective stone and if you are having trouble with negative entities it can help to deter them particularly if they are from Earth as they will have trouble crossing the mixture of Earth and UnEarthy vibration.  It helps you to delve deep into the heart of a situation so you see and more fully understand the cause and effect that is happening around you as events unfold.  Tektite has a lot of similar qualities to Moldavite however it does not have as high vibration so you can easily substitute it for Moldavite in situations like the bedroom overnight for protection.

Protection and growth are what this stone is all about.  It will assist you to expand and become all you can be while protecting you along the way.  A great starter stone to move into the vibrations of the other tektites.  Affirmation: I am ever-expanding in knowledge and protection.

5 Top Psychic Protection Stone/Crystals

Chakra – Crown Chakra and lower Chakras

Tektite Meteorite Physical Healing – Reduces fevers, aids circulation, and prevents transmission of diseases.  Tektite is believed to enhance and accelerate healing from illness and injuries

Tektite Meteorite Applications suggested uses:

  • Carrying a piece of Tektite while doing spiritual work can assist with enhancing the experience and allowing you to bridge the gap between dimensions.
  • Is a useful tool while meditating as it assists you to expand your consciousness and bring greater understanding to current situations/issues.
  • Is a great stone to use when you feel that you are being targeted by unwanted energies or a ‘spell’ directed at you by someone. Try making a ‘Hex’ protection Mojo Bag with the following crystals in any or all combinations and carry it around with you. LarvikiteBlack TourmalineHag StoneAegirineClear Quartz and Tektite or ramp it up with Moldavite.
  • Placing a piece of Tektite (not Moldavite) under your pillow can help to protect you from negative entities while you sleep.
  • Place a piece of Tektite into a Protection Mojo Bag in order to enhance the effect.  Combines well with Tigers EyeSmoky Quartz and Black Tourmaline.

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Weight.020 kg

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