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Sodalite Pendant 925 Solid Sterling Silver

Approximate Weight: 11.1 grams

Approximate Size: 5.1 cm x 2.7 cm x .7 cm 

Comes with a waxed cotton cord and in a display box.  

This is a natural, cut and polished cabochon of Sodalite with an open back that is set in solid 925 Sterling Silver.   You are purchasing the exact Pendant photographed. 

Sodalite Metaphysical Healing Properties Information:

All of my 925 sterling silver Jewelry is handmade by my Jeweler.  I pick or source the stones to be used, we work on the designs and they are made up.  All of my Jeweler will have an open back so that there is nothing between you and the energy of the stone.

I try my best to take accurate colour representation however sometimes there is a variance in colour due to lighting and monitor colour.

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Sodalite Metaphysical Healing Properties Information:

Sodalite is a wonderful stone to assist the two sides of your brain to work in harmony with each other in order to find the best solutions to any situation.  At the same time, it also stimulates your pineal gland and the Third Eye in order to increase your intuition and physic ability.   It helps you to feel the need to seek the truth while at the same time remaining true to yourself and your fundamental beliefs.

Sodalite helps to clean and block electromagnetic pollution caused by electronic devices that are around us (EMF and 5G radiation).  It has a very calming effect and is particularly good when working in groups as it helps to bring harmony and a sense of oneness to the task at hand.    Sodalite helps to stimulate trust in yourself and others and helps you to work more effectively with other people.  It is a very peaceful stone and helps to bring clarity to confusion and helps to calm the mind.  This allows you to let go of all outdated belief systems and allows new and improved ideas to come forward.   It helps to calm panic attacks and allows you to release any baggage you are carrying due to guilt, fear and control issues.  Due to its ability to calm the mind, it is a great aid to get to sleep particularly when used in combination with Selenite or Howlite.  Affirmation: I breathe out all negative emotions and am filled with peace, calm and serenity.

Question: What makes you feel calm and in balance?

Top 5 Stones for a better nights sleep

Sleep/Insomnia Bush Flower Essence Crystal Kits

A Sleep Mojo Bag is a great tool to assist with better sleep

Chakra – Throat and Third Eye Chakra.

Sodalite Physical Healing – Balances the metabolism, calcium deficiencies, cleanses lymphatic glands, boosting the immune system.  Helpful for all throat conditions, digestive disorders, cools fevers, lowers blood pressure.

Sodalite Applications Suggested uses:

  • Sodalite should be worn on a chain, pendant so that it is as close to your throat and higher Chakras as possible, whoever is this isn’t an option then a tumbled in your bra or pocket will do nicely.
  • A great stone to use around babies, children or anyone that have not developed communication skills or would like to improve communication as it helps to bring calm and peace with communication issues by working through the Throat chakra.
  • Sodalite likes to be worn in skin contact for long periods of time.
  • Place a stone under your pillow or in your pillowcase in order to quiet the mind and get a good nights sleep. Try combining with Selenite or Howlite.
  • Great to go in a baby or child room (please place safely to protect the child as small pieces can be a choking hazard)  in order for them to feel safe and loved at night on their own.  A great combo of crystals to go in a child room are SeleniteRose QuartzBlack Tourmaline and Lepidolite.
  • It is also a great stone to carry around as a hand comforter and used when you need some calming and clarity of thought.
  • Place on Third Eye or Throat Chakra during meditation or healing
  • Place a pyramid or stone/stones between you and any EMF Radiation or electrical devices.  Great stones to use when working to neutralize EMF Radiation are Elite ShungiteShungiteHematite and Black Tourmaline.

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