Ruby Zoisite (Anyolite) Pear Cabochon 8.53 grams


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Ruby Zoisite (Anyolite) Cabochon x1 

Approximate Weight: 8.53 grams 

Approximate Size: Pear 3.2 and 2.7 x .6 cm depth 

You are purchasing the exact stone photographed.

Ruby Zoisite or Anyolite Metaphysical Healing Properties Information

I do my best to take true and accurate photos however please note that there can be a variance in the colour due to lighting and monitor colour differences.

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Ruby Zoisite or Anyolite Metaphysical Healing Properties Information

Ruby Zoisite is a stone that combines two separate stones, Ruby and Zoisite, to create its own unique stone.  By combining these two stones, you get the passion of Ruby and the grounding connection of Zoisite to form a new, unique stone.  This new stone brings together the fiery determination of Ruby and the grounding or patience of Zoisite which helps you stick with your goals to get the end result you desire.  Ruby Zoisite helps to enhance your psychic abilities and connect with higher beings, including your spirit guides.  Ruby Zoisite helps you to remember who you are and stay true to yourself and your own uniqueness – remembering you are an individual of beauty and strength.  Ruby Zoisite is a very calming stone and helps to balance out your moods and allows you to remain on an even keel as you travel the waters of life and its changes.

Ruby and Zoisite are stones of depth and layers that will allow you to see yourself in all of your beauty and strength as a truly unique individual. Affirmation: I am a unique individual filled with beauty and strength.

Question: Do I have set goals in place to progress forward?

Chakra – Crown and Heart Chakra

Ruby and Zoisite Physical Healing – Helps with any type of blood disorder both externally and internally, helps with the cooling of the body including fevers, burns, and Menopause stabilization assists with internal organ malfunction including Kidney, reproductive organs, Urinary tract and stomach issues including Ulcers, Constipation, and Diarrhea.

Ruby and Zoisite Applications suggested ways to use:

  • It can be used in all meditations, particularly when increasing your psychic abilities and connecting with higher beings and spirit guides – please place it on the Crown Chakra during mediation. Combines well with LepidolitePhantom Quartz and Moldavite
  • Worn on an ongoing basis, as in jewellery, to help you remember and maintain your own true, unique self.
  • Is a wonderful stone to carry around with you to help you remain calm in a stressful situation and true to who you are.
  • A great stone to use when you are feeling unbalanced and in need of a mood stabilizer. Combines well with SeleniteDalmation JasperHowlite and Black Tourmaline.
  • Carry around or have near you when you want to stick to goals and achieve the end result that you desire. Great stones to combine and make a Mojo Bag for this purpose are Garnet, Carnelian, and Citrine.

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