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EMF Protection Orgonite Pendant

These are amazing EMF Protection Pendants that look stunning.  I hand make these and use only the finest quality stones and copper.

Ingredients:  Elite ShungiteBlack Tourmaline, copper coiled clear quartz, and copper all placed inside a clear resin with a  Stainless Steel bail and waxed cotton necklace.

Approximate weight: 5.5 grams 

Size 5cm x 1.8cm x 5mm depth

Wear the pendant to assist with reduction given off EMF radiation.  Areas that are known to give off this are meter boxes, mobile phones, electronic devices. modems, electronic hot spots, electricity towers, mobile towers.   This is a  personal protection device that can be worn for EMF 5G protection or as pain relief.  

For individual disc not as a pendant please see my EMF Buster Disk or my EMF Buster Heart.

These pendants are all handmade individually and the one you receive will be the same size and shape and contain similar stones to the pendants photographed.

Out of stock

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Orgone/Orgonite Technology

What is an Orgonite and how does it work?

Orgone Technology is the belief that if you layer organic and inorganic you will create an energy transmitting device.  The concept is the organic materials absorb energy and then the inorganic material (metals) repel the energy and then send it out in all directions.  So by combining the organic and inorganic materials you are immediately creating an action of energy being pulled in and then reflected out on a continuous basis.  By doing this it is said that you are being exposed to cleaner energy and that it makes it purer and easier to absorb.

The energy that is sent out is dependent on the substances used in the device.  An orgone will usually have at least one quartz Crystal that should be wrapped in metal (copper is preferable as it is one of the best conductors) in it, the reason for this apart from their enhancing vibration is that when the resin contract as it hardens it puts continuous pressure on the crystals inside.  The pressure then creates what is called a piezoelectric field that generates an electrical charge on the object’s surface.  This is the same concept used in any electrically run object that utilizes quartz crystals.  An Orgone Product must also be made up of at least 50% Metals and a combination of other crystals/stones.

By using these principals it is said that an Orgone device can change the energy in a room or person to make them/it feel better.  Handmade Orgone devices are always the most powerful, please always ask your seller if they make them themselves and can guarantee the quality of the materials that go into them as this will make a huge difference to how they work.

Orgone Technology EMF Protection

When created correctly using the most beneficial stones and metals Orgone Technology is one of the best defenses against neutralizing the positive Ions that EMF Radiation creates and transmuting that energy into negative Ions in order to assist you to feel better in our current ever-increasing technological age.  Orgone Technology cannot stop the EMF that surrounds you however it will help your body to better handle the effects.  All Orgone items on this site are hand created by in to make sure you have the maximum benefits.

Orgone Technology Benefits.

Orgone Technology improves our lives in a number of areas:

  • Improve sleep quality 
  • Enhances energy levels and increases Negative Ions while at the same time decreasing apathy and lethargy
  • Block, deflects and absorbs harmful EMF Radiation
  • Block, deflects and absorbs Radiation
  • Balances the body and helps to strengthen the immune system
  • Clears Chakras and protects against negative energy in all forms
  • Remove negative energy from the area that the Orgone object is placed
  • Improve physical and spiritual health
  • Helps to cleans and purifies the atmosphere
  • Reduce headaches and dizziness
  • Promotes a happier, more positive mood

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