Opalite Tumbled


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Opalite Tumbled Tumbled ONE only

You are purchase one random tumbled stone and will weigh between approximately 10-13 grams

Opalite Metaphysical Healing Properties Information

I do my best to take true and accurate photos however please note that there can be a variance in the colour due to lighting and monitor colour differences.

Please note all stones are individual and the one you receive will not be the one pictured but a stone of similar size and shape.

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Opalite Metaphysical Healing Properties Information

Opalite is a stone of delicate energy and works in harmony with the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra to enhance the meditation state and increase psychic abilities as well as to help with visions.  Opalite helps to bring peace and calm to you and stabilize your mood with its gentle energies.  It is a stone on diversification and allows you to see things from a different perspective in a calm and peaceful manner.  Affirmation: I feel peaceful and calm and in perfect balance.

Question: How easy do I see other peoples points of view?

Chakra –Crown Chakra and Third Eye

Opalite Physical Healing – Purify the blood and kidneys.

Opalite Applications suggested ways to use:

  • Combine with SeleniteAngelite or Celestite to meditate and work on life purpose direction through the Crown Chakra.
  • Can be worn in direct contact with the skin (Opalite bracelet or necklace)for long periods of time in order to bring peace, calm and clarity.
  • Used in a grid for high purpose work and working on the Crown Chakra.
  • Carry in a tumbled in your pocket or in a Mojo Bag and take out and hold when you are feeling stressed or in need of direction.  Any of the above crystals can be added to the Mojo Bag please use your intuition as Opalite will combine well with most crystals.

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Weight.010 kg

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