Morganite Pendant 10.8 grams


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Morganite Pendant 

Approximate Weight:  8.62 grams  

Approximate Size: 3.6 cm x 2.4 cm x 1.3 cm  

This is a natural rough piece of untreated natural Morganite set in solid 925 Sterling Silver with an open back. You are getting the exact pendant photographed.

Comes in a display box with an 18inch waxed cotton cord. 

Morganite Metaphysical Healing Properties Information 

This is a one of a kind 925 sterling silver piece of jewelry that is designed by me and made by my jeweler – all of my jewelry have hollow backs so that there is nothing between you and the energy of the stone. 

I do my best to take true and accurate photos however please note that there can be a variance in the colour due to lighting and monitor colour differences. 

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Morganite Metaphysical Healing Properties Information 

Morganite is a very high vibrational stone that resonates with a strong vibration of unconditional love.  By its affiliation, to the Heart Chakra Morganite helps you to connect with Divine Love for all things.  It helps in healing all issues of the heart including spiritual, physical, and emotional as well as cleansing and opening the Heart Chakra.  Morganite has a calming effect and will help you to see and embrace the joy and beauty that is all around you.  It does this by opening up the heart and allowing you to let go of old hurts that are holding you back and move forward.  Morganites high vibration allows you to strengthen the bond between you and higher vibrational beings in order to find joy, peace and love in life.

Working with Morganite is like working with a hyped-up Rose Quartz that radiates out love and peace.  Affirmation: My heart is open and I radiate love and peace.

Question: What do I love in my life?

Chakra – Heart Chakra

Healing – Assist with Emphysema, Lung cancer and asthma, Thyroid issues, and any nervous system dysfunctions.


  • Morganite should be worn for long periods of time in direct contact with the body in order to let go of old hurts and move forward in areas of the heart.
  • Can be used in all meditations for its high vibration, connection to higher beings, and opening up the Heart Chakra.
  • It is great to use when meditating in order to release blockages and open yourself up to Divine Love.   Stones for a strong connection to Divine Love are CavansiteKunziteMorganite and Watermelon Tourmaline.
  • A stone circle of Morganite stones is a great enhancing method and makes it much more powerful.  Combine with Clear Quartz to help enhance the circle.
  • Placing a stone over the heart during healing.
  • Having a piece around or wearing some in order to remember to see the beauty and love that is all around you.  Combines well with Rose QuartzChrysopraseFuchsite and Prehnite for this purpose.

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