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Lodolite (Garden Quartz) Pendant  x1  

Approximate Size: 5cm x 3.3 cm x 1.2 cm   

Approximate Weight: 17.1 grams   

Comes with a waxed cotton cord and in a display box. 

This is a natural, cut and polished cabochon of Lodolite with an open rough back that allows you to see the Lodoalite formation on the surface set in solid 925 Sterling Silver.  You are purchasing the exact piece photographed.

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Lodolite Garden Quartz Metaphysical Healing Properties

Garden Quartz is a stone of journey and will allow you to heal and release past issues/traumas that are holding you back so that you can progress forward on your own path unimpeded by those blockages.  It is particularly good at clearing past life or early childhood traumas that are causing you to hold fear and stress in current-day situations.  It allows you to see inside yourself and realize your worth and that you are a wonderfully unique being and as unique as each ‘landscape/garden’ within a Lodolite Crystal. 

Lodolite is a great stone to use if you are planning any type of Shamanic journey whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual.  It has a very soothing vibration that enhances your connection with higher beings particularly your spirit guides and animal guides.  Please be aware due to the uniqueness of these stones and the properties held within can vary slightly depending on what the inclusions are, so pick and use the stone that calls out to you as it will be the one meant to be with you. Lodolite also holds all of the properties of Phantom or Ghost Quartz and can assist you in accessing the Akashic Records.  Affirmation: With each step I take I move towards my true life purpose.

Question: Where does my mind wander to in meditation?

Chakra – Crown Chakra

Lodolite Physical Healing – Assists with detoxifying the body and helping to strengthen the Immune system and helps with any immune system illnesses including AIDS/HIV.   Pineal Gland and Thyroid Balance.

Lodolite Applications suggested ways to use:

  • Meditated gazing into the stone ‘Garden/Landscape to connect with higher beings and guides. Combines well with CelesciteScolecite and Charoite for this purpose
  • Use in grid work to help connect with higher beings. Like with all individual stones hold it in your hand and see what other stones are calling you to work with them and trust what comes to you. Understand that over time this will change and progress as you grow and your needs change.
  • Lodolite assists with releasing past life or childhood trauma or fears in order to move forward in a peaceful way. Great stones for past life work are LepidoliteLarvikiteEmeraldUnakite and Charoite.
  • Meditate with it to start your Shamanic Journey.  Crystals to go in a Shamanic Mojo Bag would be NuumiteMystic MerliniteAstrophylliteSpirit QuartzTurquoise and Axinite.
  • Carried or worn particularly when traveling a Shamanic path or just having it with you or holding it as an ‘old friend’ reminding you you are on the right path.
  • Healings can be done with Lodoite placed over the affected area.
  • Lodolite is a great stone to use when trying to connect with Animal Guides Totem. Stones that are great for this purpose are Dalmatian JasperLeopard Skin JasperPietersite and Black Tourmaline.

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