Elephant Skin Jasper Egg 153 grams


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Elephant Skin Jasper Egg x1

Approximate Weight: 153 grams

Approximate Size: 6cm x 4cm

You are purchasing the exact stone photographed.

Also known as  Calligraphy Stone, Miriam Jasper, Mariyam Jasper, Mariam Stone, Arabic Script Stone, Cobra Script Stone, Snake Agate or Snake Jasper and Calligraphy Script Stone. 

Elephant Skin Jasper (Calligraphy Stone) Metaphysical Healing Properties

I do my best to take true and accurate photos however please note that there can be a variance in the colour due to lighting and monitor colour differences.

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Elephant Skin Jasper (Calligraphy Stone) Metaphysical Healing Properties

Elephant Skin Jasper has a strong spiritual energy that will assist you with meditation. This is partially due to the only location it is found – the Himalayan Mountains. It will help you to connect with higher beings and spirit guides in order to access information. Particularly in relation to past traumas either in this life or previous ones. By accessing this information you can better understand the event/events and how they have affected you. Once you have a better understanding it will allow you to release the blockages and help repair your damaged Aura. Elephant Skin Jasper is a fantastic stone when accessing the Akashic Records assisting you to tap into the infinite information and download what you require to move forward.  By doing this you can release the negative energy or Karma you are holding over your previous actions and move forward.

When you look at Calligraphy Stone (Elephant Skin Jasper) you will see the resemblance to scripts or texts in the patterning. This is one of the reasons that it has so many ‘script or writing’ related names – Calligraphy Stone, Arabic Script Stone, Cobra Script Stone and Calligraphy Script Stone. It is a very creative stone that assists with writing including helping release any writer’s blocks you might be holding. This allows you to more easily get into the flow of creativity and be able to channel through the information and develop or heighten your skill of automatic writing.

Elephant Skin Jasper has a peaceful calming energy that helps you to relieve any stress or anxiety and feel more protected and grounded in your day-to-day life. It has a very strong Earth energy, which can assist you with connecting more deeply to Mother Earth and all her strength. Affirmation: I recognize and release all past traumas that are holding me back. I move forward free of baggage to achieve all my goals. This can be used combined or split into two affirmations as needed.

Question: Do I reflect much on past actions?

Chakra – Primary Root, Secondary Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra

Elephant Skin Jasper Physical Healing – Bowel and stomach issues. Menstrual cramps and blood circulation, assist with skin rashes or conditions and help with hair loss and scalp complaints.

Elephant Skin Jasper Applications suggested uses:

  • Is a very creative stone that you can have in your work area to get into the flow and general ‘automatic writing’
  • In order to release any writers blocks that you are holding have it within your aura when working. Make sure you refer to it by any of its names with writing in it for better association with the purpose. So call it any of – Calligraphy Stone, Arabic Script Stone, Cobra Script Stone and Calligraphy Script Stone.
  • Meditation in a circle or holding one allows you to reconnect with the Earth energies that surround us.
  • Placed in a grid with the intent of nature balance work. Combines well with Moss AgateAmber, Fulgurites and Tree Agate.
  • Worn or carried around as a comforter stone and should be worn for long periods of time.
  • Meditating with Elephant Skin Jasper is a great way to reach a ‘calm’ and a deeper level of meditation as well are raise your vibration allowing you to connect with your higher self and high beings. 
  • Placed on the body or appropriate Chakra for healing.  Works very well on your lower Chakras for releasing blockages.
  • Can be used in all meditations particularly when working with inner visions and retrieving past life information. Great stones for past life work are LepidoliteLarvikiteEmerald.
  • Can be used in all meditations or energy work particularly when clearing blockages or a damaged aura.  Combines well with AquamarineDravite (Brown Tourmaline), and Lemurians Seed Crystals.
  • To help release blockage and move forward combine with Kunzite and Kyanite.
  • Placed in a grid to clear any blockages you are holding and enable you to move forward.

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