Darwin Glass 9.08 grams Meteorite Tasmania


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Darwin Glass (Darwinite) Meteorite Tasmania Natural Formation  

Approximate Weight: 9.08 grams 

Approximate Size: 3.8cm x 2.1cm x 1.5cm 

I bring all of my Darwin Glass indirectly from Tasmania and guarantee the quality.  

Darwin Glass Metaphysical Healing Properties

I do my best to take true and accurate photos however please note that there can be a variance in the colour due to lighting and monitor colour differences.

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Darwin Glass Metaphysical Healing Properties

 Darwin Glass is a wonderful stone that holds a lot of the same properties as Moldavite but is a much more gentle stone to work with and has a stronger connection to nature.  Like all Tektites, Darwin Glass is a great protection stone, particularly when you are having trouble picking up strong emotions from those around you and you require a shield.  Darwin Glass creates a protective bubble around you that allows you to remain peaceful and calm as you filter all the information you are being bombarded with and process it in an objective way. 

It also helps to open the Heart Chakra allowing you to create a loving relationship with everything around you, including people, animals, earth, and beyond.  Due to its lack of crystal structure, it gives unlimited flexibility and helps you to expand in all ways, using this structure it helps to create a link between your Third Eye Chakra and your Forehead Chakra which allows you to open yourself to your higher self and other dimensional beings in order to expand your knowledge.  Darwin Glass has a strong connection to nature and allows you to see the importance of the natural world around you much more clearer.

When working with this stone I find it very balancing and calming with the words/Affirmation coming through.  Connect and Protect – I am one and in harmony with all things.

Question: Do I feel connected to nature?

Chakra – Heart Chakra, Third Eye, Forehead Chakra, and Crown Chakra

Darwin Glass Physical Healing – Wonderful when used with any heart issues as well as an issue of the lungs.

Darwin Glass Applications suggested uses:

  • It can be used in all meditations particularly when needing a shield or protective barrier. The 3 Meteorites MoldaviteLibyan Desert Glass, and Darwin Glasswork wonderfully together and complement each other in creating an all-round barrier.
  • Darwin Glass has a strong connection to nature – a great tool to use when you are trying to reconnect or work with nature’s energies.
  • A great crystal to use when connecting with nature and the Elemental Energies.  Create a Mojo Bag and carry with you while in nature or when needed using Mystic MerliniteDarwin GlassGreen AventurineMoss Agate and Shungite in order better connect and understand the world around you.
  • Wonderful in meditations to expand the Third Eye and connect with higher self or higher beings.
  • Darwin Glass is a wonderful contemplation stone.  when you are in need of reconnecting and finding direction it is a great stone to work with.
  • Carried as a talisman for protection.

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