Chrysoprase 925 Sterling Silver Pendant 6.41 grams


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Australian Chrysoprase 925 Sterling Silver Pendant 

Approximate Weight: 6.41 grams  

Approximate Size: 4.2cm x 2.1cm x .7cm

This is a lovely 6.41-gram oval Australian Chrysoprase Pendant.     I get my Chrysoprase from an Australian Frolicker who cuts it himself it is natural and untreated. 

This pendant comes in a display box and with an 18 inch waxed cotton necklace. 

This is a one of a kind 925 sterling silver pendant that is designed by me and made by my jeweler.   All of my pendants have a hollow back so that there is nothing between you and the energy of the stone.  You are purchasing the exact pendant photographed. 

Australian Chrysoprase Metaphysical Healing Properties Information

I do my best to take true and accurate photos however please note that there can be a variance in the colour due to lighting and monitor colour differences.

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Australian Chrysoprase Metaphysical Healing Properties Information

Chrysoprase is the apple green coloured form of Chalcedony and has a gentle yet very strong vibration of divine truth.  It helps the heart stay strong through times of depression and anxiety by promoting a sense of joy and happiness.   Chrysoprase also allows you to recognize and be at peace with your current situation.   Healers and people recovering from illness find Chroysoprase to be a very useful stone as it assists the healing process at a cellular level which gives a very deep and gentle healing.   It is a stone of overall abundance and prosperity and will attract new love into your life if you desire it.  It is a stone that will allow you to see if you are in a co-dependent relationship and open your eyes to why you are and help give you the independence to understand why so that you can move on to become more independent. Affirmation: I listen with my heart and hear divine truth.

Question: How often do you close your eyes, take a breath and listen to your heart?

Chakra – Heart Chakras and Solar Plexus

Chrysoprase is a Liquid Crystals Stone and represents ‘Fearless Movement’

Chrysoprase Physical Healing – Aids hormone balance, helps when recuperating from illness, heart issues, eyesight, and depression and anxiety

Chrysoprase Applications suggested uses:

  • Meditating to connect with your inner child and have a great acceptance of who you are.
  • Chrysoprase is a great stone when dealing with loss as it helps the acceptance of the loss and allows you to remember that you have divine love in your heart.  Combines well with Apache TearsLepidoliteSmoky Quartz and Rose Quartz for this purpose.
  • Carried in the pocket and used as a hand warmer to assist with healing of the heart.
  • Used to assist with balancing the hormones, particularly in case of having trouble conceiving. Combines well with Try combining with Chrysocolla,  Moonstone and Unakite for this purpose.
  • Laid directly on the affected body part during healing.
  • Laid directly on the Heart Chakra or Solar Plexus during healing.
  • Worn as a piece of jewelry and is very effective when kept within the aura.
  • Meditate with to receive a great understanding of the divine truth
  • Chrysoprase can also safely be used as a gem elixir.  Always remember to make sure all stones are purer, cleansed and safe to use.  If unsure please do not ingest and use as an essence or crystal spray.

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