Chalcopyrite Tumbled


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Chalcopyrite (Peacock Ore Tumbled)  x1 

Approximate Weight: 28-42 grams each 

You are purchasing one random piece of Chalcopyrite tumbled.  

Peacock Ore  (Chalcopyrite) Metaphysical Healing Properties Information

Please note all stones are individual and the one you receive will not be the one pictured but a stone of similar size and shape.

I try my best to take accurate colour representation however sometimes there is a variance in colour due to lighting and monitor colour.

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Peacock Ore  (Chalcopyrite) Metaphysical Healing Properties Information

Peacock Ore is known to help you find a lost object and is reported to be a stone that will ‘disappear’ and accumulate information that is useful to the owner/user.  Peacock Ore is a stone of diversification that allows you to look at the world from new and exciting angles in order to stimulate your creativity and growth.  It is a very creative stone that has a powerful connection to anyone in the sales, fashion or the entertainment industry, allowing you to adapt, innovate and prosper within the field as well as your own personal goals.  Peacock Ore helps you to reach and stay at a meditative state and is very helpful in cleansing and activating the Crown Chakra by removing any energy blockages that you might have.  Affirmation: I am all that I can be and move forward with innovative creativity.

Question: What areas in your life fill you with excitement?

Chakra – Crown chakra and Third Eye

Peacock Ore Physical Healing – Stimulates and repairs RNA/DNA damage, reduces inflammation, relieving the pressure of tumours/growths.

It inspires the infinite energies of the universe to activate the maintaining energies of the body.

Peacock Ore Applications suggested ways to use:

  • Peacock Ore is a wonderful looking stone and can be ‘gazed’ into while meditating.
  • Meditate while having a piece of Peacock ore near your Crown Chakra will help to clear any blockages that you might have.  When working on removing blockages combine blue quartz with Lapis Lazuli, Selenite and Scolecite.
  • A stone circle of Peacock Ore while meditating has a vibration that will help you achieve and maintain a meditative state.
  • Please note that Peacock Ore is a wonderful stone but is very brittle and will break off if handled too much.
  • A great stone for energy work if you are in need of a fresh outlook on life or seeing things from a different angle for inspiration. Combines well with OpalOpaliteLabradorite for this purpose.

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