Campo Del Cielo Iron Meteorite 2.98 grams


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Campo Del Cielo Iron Meteorite x1

Approximate Weight: 2.98 grams

Approximate Size:  1.6 cm x 1.1 cm x .6 cm

You are purchasing one rough piece of Campo Del Cielo Iron Meteorite

Campo Del Cielo Metaphysical Healing Properties 

Campo Del Cielo is an Iron Meteorite from Argentina and I purchase all of my specimens from a trusted dealer and guarantee the quality.  I don’t provide a certificate on my meteorites as this is not a sign of quality and can be faked too easily in today’s technological age.  If you are not 100% satisfied we my Meteorites I am happy to provide a full refund on once the product is returned to me.  I do my best to photograph the images as truly as possible however colour can vary from image to image.

I do my best to take true and accurate photos however please note that there can be a variance in the colour due to lighting and monitor colour differences.

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Campo Del Cielo Metaphysical Healing Properties

Many cultures around the world consider meteorites to be a sacred object that allows you to communicate with alien intelligence as well as higher beings and Campo del Cielo assists in this area wonderfully particularly when used in meditations.  All meteorites have a very powerful vibration that is highly protective due to their otherworldly origins and Campo del Cielo is no exception, it is one meteorite that packs a very big punch.  Campo del Cielo is an iron-based meteorite and the iron in it helps to align your energy points as well as help bring your Chakras into balance, while also helping to strengthen and support your auric fields.  It is a very grounding stone that assists you to feel that your feet are firmly planted on the floor even when it is helping you to reach new heights.

Other notable Meteorites that assist with protection are MoldaviteLibyan Desert GlassDarwin Glass and Tektites Meteorites.

Tektites are an unusual energy to work with. Over the years I have found that people are either very strongly drawn to them or not interested in them at all.   Recently I have heard the theory that if you are a ‘Star-Child’ – a soul that has had previous reincarnations on other planets – then you will be drawn to meteorites.   However, if you are a soul that has only lived out their incarnations on the earth then you are strongly repelled or not interested in tektites of any kind. Once I heard this theory I started to observe the reactions of the people around me and who were interested in any type of Meteorite and I have found that this seems to be very accurate.

Working with Campo Del Cielo is a very interesting sensation due to the high Iron content I find it has a very buzzy energy.  So you have the mix of a high vibration stone while at that same time that dense grounding of energy. Affirmation: My feet are firmly on the ground while my eyes reach for the stars and beyond.

Question: Have I had previous live on other planets?

Chakra – Root or Base Chakra and Crown Chakras

Healing – Helps boost the immune system, Supports, and helps any blood disorders and helps to bring them into balance, arthritis and joint pain, swelling, and inflammation.


  • Can be used in all meditations particularly when clearing blockages or a damaged aura.  Combines well with CharoiteAquamarine, and Lemurians
  • Wonderful as a healing tool to move through the auric field. Combine with Seraphinite and Selenite to round out and make the process an easier transition.
  • Meditate or use in gridwork to access higher information Like or higher self the akashic records. Combines well with LepidolitePhantom Quartz  and Moldavite 
  • Carried or worn as a talisman for protection.

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