OUT OF STOCK Angel Tuning Fork Set


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Angel Tuning Fork Set


  • x1 4096 Hz Tuning Fork – Jacob’s Ladder or the Crystal Tuner.  This Fork can be purchased separately here.
  • x1 4160 Hz Tuning Fork – The Pillar of Light
  • x1 4225 Hz Tuning Fork – Stairway to Heaven
  • x1 Clear Quartz Crystal between 5-8 grams each
  • x1 Wooden coated Mallet
  • x1 Velvet Carry Bag (please note the wooden mallet will not fully fit in this bag)

Please note all stones are individual and the one you receive will not be the one pictured but one of the same stone and shape.

I do my best to take true and accurate photos however please note that there can be a variance in the colour due to lighting and monitor colour differences.

Out of stock


How to Use:

Each Fork in the set can be used on its own or as a set.  As a set, you will create a harmony of sounds that can be held and mediated on, used to cleanse a room, run through a persons energy field to cleanse it or cleanse any crystals or objects it is held near.

You can activate the tuning Fork/forks by:

  1. Lightly tapping them against each other,
  2. Using a crystal and tapping the tuning fork lightly,
  3. Striking the tuning fork/forks gently against another crystal or solid surface.
  4. Or gently sticking with the wooden mallet provided.

By doing this you will start the tuning fork in question vibrating, it will vibrate at its own frequency and this vibration will continue after the sound stops.

  • Tap a single crystal and place the stem end of the Tuning Fork directly onto the crystal, this will activate, amplify and cleanse your nominated crystal through sound therapy.
  • You can then point the crystal over and around the specific area that requires healing.  You can also achieve the same result by moving the toning Tuning Fork around the crystal. 
  • Activate the tuning Fork/Forks and move them around the desired object/person for healing cleansing.
  • Hold two or three of the tuning forks in between the base of your fingers and strict each in turn – this will create a different tone depending on the Tuning Forks used that can be used for healing or meditating.

Note: Do not hold an activated Tuning Fork in close proximity to your ear.

Angel Tuning Fork Set 4096 Hz 4160 Hz and 4225 Hz

The Angel Tuning Fork Set consists of 3 different unique high pitched Tuning Forks. This set of tuning Forks are used to open your high Chakras. By doing this you can tune into the Angelic Kingdom. They do this by combining a unique set of ascending overtones. These overtones are based on the 9th octave of the overtone series and are believed to open/create a doorway to Heaven/The Angelic realm. This combination of sounds is used frequently for mediation and sound healing. It is referred to in theological and archetypal energies as Jacob’s Ladder, the Pillars of Light, the Stairway to Heaven.

The first Tuning Forks in the set is the 4096 Hz one which is also referred to as the Crystal Tuner or Jacob Ladder (please see above information). This Fork can be used either on its own or as part of the set. As part of the set, it is used as the first tone and is connected to Jacob’s Ladder. As described in the book of Genesis 28:10-19 this is where Jacob dreams about a ladder that has been set up to connect the earth to Heaven.

The second Tuning Fork is 4160 Hz and is known as ‘The Pillar of Light’ or ‘The Pillar of Truth’. In the Bible, the Pillar of Light is all about how God shines his light on everything which illuminates us and shows us the truth.

The third Tuning Fork is 4225 Hz and is called ‘the Stairway to Heaven’. The staircase is once again the connection between Heaven and Earth, however is believed to be a higher connection that allows you to ascend and connect at a deeper level with the Angelic Realm.


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