Abundance Crystal Essence Spray 50ml


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Abundance Crystal Essence Spray x1

Spray Bottle Size: 50ml

How to use: Spray above your head down onto your crown chakra and down through your aura, onto your wrist and rubbing them together, or directly onto your chest area. Some people like to combine where they spray. Do not ingest.

I have created this Abundance Crystal Essense…


What is a Crystal Essence Spray?

Crystal water is created by infusing distilled water with the energies and minute concentrations of the mineral of the chosen crystals for a specific purpose.  I also like to add in the appropriate essential oil and combine aromatherapy.  The energy needed can then be enhanced by infusing them under a specific moon/sun cycle.  

When properly prepared and preserved you can use this Crystal Essence Spray for the specific purpose that it was created.  Depending on the stone used Crystal Essence Sprays can be ingested or used to spray over your energy field. 

If unsure of the crystals or using essential oils I don’t recommend ingesting them but allowing them to be absorbed into your Aura and skin via a spray.  You can do this by spraying above your head down onto your crown chakra and down through your aura, or onto your wrist and rubbing them together or directly onto your chest area.  Some people will combine where they spray.

If creating your own you must always be aware if you can infuse the stones/crystals directly into water or if you must place them in a smaller glass jar inside the water so that no minerals from certain stones touch the water only their energy – stones like Sulphur, Malachite, Vanandalite, and or Selenite due to how soft it is should be treated this way.

By using crystals in an essence spray you do not diminish the quality or vibration of the crystals used. Essence sprays are a great way to combine different vibrations to create a more powerful combination. You can make them yourself at home the only thing that is a limitation is owning the combination of specific crystals some can be expensive and rare.


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