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Pietersite Metaphysical Healing Properties

Pietersite is a very high vibrational stone that stimulates the Pineal gland. By doing so the ‘Tempest Stone’ as it is known, works on and increases your intuition and helps you recognize what specific spiritual goals you need and then start down the path to reach them. This makes it a very valuable stone for anyone that does energy work or wants to increase their intuition. Due to the colour combination, it works through both your Third-Eye and your Solar Plexus Chakras in order to bring balance and guidance. It is a calming and protective stone, particularly when you are traversing ‘stormy weather’ both physically and emotionally. It is also helpful to calm animals or pets that get agitated in bad weather conditions.

Pietersite is a stone of strength and empowerment and allows you to recognize any unwanted emotions that you are holding from this life or past ones and release them for your better good. Pietersite is a very creative stone that stimulates your creative thinking and allows you to see things from all angles in order to find the best solutions. Affirmation: I am in tune and listen to my higher self.

Question: How do you usually ‘ride out storms’ in life?

Chakra – Third Eye and Solar Plexus

Pietersite Physical Healing Information – on a physical level Pietersite works on headaches and any issues that are causing them, breathing or lung issues and dementia or anything illness that cause confusion.

Pietersite Applications suggested ways to use:

  • Meditating with Pietersite brings a deeper level of meditation and allows you to find peace and calm and access your higher purpose. Combines well with Lemurian Seed Quartz, Amethyst Cacoxenite (Super 7) and Green Tourmaline.
  • Anyone wanting to increase their Pinal gland can work with Pietersite for long periods of time and develop and grow.
  • Great to use when dealing with hurt or sick animals.  Stones that are great for this purpose are Dalmatian JasperLeopard Skin JasperPietersite and Black Tourmaline.
  • Placed on the body or appropriate Chakra for healing and to allow blockages to melt away – this can be either the Solar Pleux for self-confidence issues or the Third Eye to increase and stimulate the Pinal gland and intuition. Works well with Sunstone,  Kunzite and Kyanite.
  • Placed near or around animals that are unsettled from stormy weather. Try combining with Rose Quartz and Selenite for this purpose.
  • Carried for protection and its calming properties
  • Used in grid work for the higher purpose of yourself.

Pietersite Mythology History:   Pietersites name comes from the person who discovered it and named it after his family name. Sid Pietersite was exploring Nambia Africa in 1962 when he first discovered and named Pietersite since then Pietersite has also been found in China. Pietersite is made up and Tigers Eye and Hawks Eye (Blue Tigers Eye). Over time the stones have brecciated and have inclusions of Crocidolite in them which creates the Chatoyancy. Chatoyancy is when a stone is cut and it shows a band of bright luster which is created due to the inclusions in the stone.

Crystal Information

  • Alternative Stone Names: Tempest Stone
  • Crystal System:  Trigonal
  • Mineral Class:  Silicate
  • Hardness Mohs: 6.5 to 7.5
  • Location: Henan Province, China, and Namibia, South Africa.
  • Colour: Browns, Reds and Blues
  • Chakra – Third Eye and Solar Plexus
  • Energy: Masculin
  • Rarity: Rare – Blues are usually considered to be of better quality and a higher value but as always when working with stones it is about personal preference and what you are drawn to.
  • Forms: Tumbled, slices and in jewlery
  • Birthstone: NIl
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Numerological Number: 9
  • Element: Storm
  • Affirmation: I am in tune and listen to my higher self.

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