Moldavite Rings

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Moldavite Metaphysical Healing Properties:  Moldavite is a powerful stone for transformation….  so that you can become the person you are meant to be.  It is thought to be the stone known as “The Holy Grail Stone.”  Moldavite is one of the best protection stones you can wear as it gives off a vibration that negative entities have trouble penetrating.  It is particularly good when you are working with spirit as it will help make sure you are contacting positive higher beings.  Moldavite resonates with the vibration of love and is very useful in assisting you with spiritual growth and healing.  Moldavite s a very high vibrational stone and allows you to connect and download information stored within the Akashic Records as you are ready to process the information.

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All of my 925 sterling silver Jewelry including my Moldavite ring is handmade by my Jeweler.  I pick or source the stones to be used, we work on the designs and they are made up.  All of my Jewellery will have an open back so that there is nothing between you and the energy of the stone. I 100% guarantee the quality of the Moldavite ring and that it is genuine Moldavite.