Mojo Bag Protection

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Mojo Bags

A Mojo Bag is a personal talisman bag made in order to help obtain a specific purpose.  This purpose can be a range of things from sleep, love, protection, abundance, protection, luck etc.  A Mojo bag is traditionally a small bag that will contain a combination of botanical, mineral or animal ingredients that are associated with the intent behind it.  You can also add to the Mojo bag as you feel the need.

Mojo Bag – Protection 

Unfortunately getting sent negative energy is becoming more and more common in out growing spiritual society. Some know what they are doing willing and some people don’t even realize what the affect their negative thoughts have on other people. With more awareness hopefully this will change in the future. Please enjoy my count down of most useful and reasonably accessible Psychic Protection Stones.


    • Cinnamon and Caraway Seeds
    • Selentite (to cleanse and protect)
    • Tigers Eye (to protect and boost self confidence)
    • Clear Quartz (to amplify all other stones)
    • Black Tourmaline x3 (to protect and ground)
    • An Organza bag to keep the ingredient in.

Top 5 Crystals (plus some more) for Psychic Protection

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