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Mojo Protection Bag – Mojo Bags

A Mojo Bag is a personal talisman bag made in order to help obtain a specific purpose.  This purpose can be a range of things from sleep, love, Mojo Bag Protection, abundance, protection, luck, etc.  A Mojo bag is traditionally a small bag that will contain a combination of botanical, mineral, or animal ingredients that are associated with the intent behind it.  You can also add to the Mojo bag as you feel the need.

Mojo Protection Bag

More and more I am seeing the occurrence of people being affected by receiving negative energy sent to them.  As we evolve more spiritually some people have become more aware that energy is something that can be used to the detriment of someone else and are sending negative energy with purpose and intent to harm another person.  Negative energy directed at you can also be sent unintentionally by someone who is upset with you or harboring bad feelings towards you.

The crystals in this Psychic Protection Bag are designed to assist you with blocking negative energy that comes towards you.

In the bag you also receive an affirmation to use while meditating or when you have negative energy sent to you in order to help cleanse and repair your aura.  When negative energy is sent towards you it does damage your aura or energy field.

Another great tool that you can use is the Australian Bush Flower Essences Kits these Kits help to repair and strengthen your aura so that you can better defend yourself against these attacks these energies. Psychic Protection Aura Repair Kits


  • Cinnamon and Caraway Seeds
  • Selenite (to cleanse and protect)
  • Tigers Eye (to protect and boost self-confidence)
  • Clear Quartz (to amplify all other stones)
  • Black Tourmaline x3 (to protect and ground)
  • An Organza bag to keep the ingredient in.

Top 5 Crystals (plus some more) for Psychic Protection

NOTE bag is not for consumption.

Please note all stones are individual and the one you receive will not be the one pictured but similar in size.