Crystal Mojo Bags

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Crystal Mojo Bags


What is a Crystal Mojo Bag?

A Crystal Mojo Bag is a personal talisman bag made in order to help obtain a specific purpose.  This purpose can be a range of things from sleep, love, protection, abundance,  luck etc.  Anything you need it for.  A Mojo Bag is traditionally a small bag that will contain a combination of botanical, mineral or animal ingredients that are associated with the intent behind it.  You can also add to the Mojo bag as you feel the need.

When you get or make your Mojo Bag remember to write down your intent and place it in the bag with the other objects.  Intent and recognizing what you want is a major and very important part when creating Mojo Bags and using crystals.

How do I use a Crystal Mojo Bag?

A Mojo Bag can be carried around in your pocket, wallet or purse so that it is always on (in your energy field or Aura) and with you.  If it is for a specific purpose you can open your imagination and use it in many different ways that match the purpose.  Here are some examples:

  • Sleep – place it inside the underside of your pillowcase/slip so it doesn’t disturb you but is close to you while needed.
  • Abundance – carry in your purse or wallet or place in your money area of the house or hang or sit it on your money tree.
  • Put in the centre of a grid for a specific purpose.  Please remember to write down your intent and place it in the bag with the other objects
Can I make my own Crystal Mojo Bag or adjust the ones you sell?

YES, I put together these Crystal Mojo Bags in order to make it easier for you (particularly with combining crystals that work well together) and will be adding more to the list over time.  However, if you have the stone and other material available then make your own.  If you feel (using your intuition) that something needs to be added or removed go for it.  Using energy or the vibration of an object will be much more beneficial to you if you trust your intuition to know your own needs and go with it!

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