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Coming Soon – The Dragon Prophecies

Book one of The Return of the Dragon

In an age long past, the wise Knowledge Dragon Fanir sealed himself and his final clutch of eggs within the strong protective encasing of Diamond Glass. At the moment of his encasement, all other Dragons mysteriously vanished from the land, plunging the land into turmoil and despair. The once-mighty Dragons slipped into the fabric of myth and legend, their tales woven into the very essence of the realm.  However, the time approached when they would return and reclaim their rightful place as protectors and enlighteners of the land.

Cassandra, a humble Glassblower’s apprentice from a village deep in the marshes, is unexpectedly thrust into the world of Energy Wielders and the Legendary Dragons. As she begins to understand her unique ability to sense the ebb and flow of the world’s energies, her path converges with that of Adriana and Bolkin, emissaries from the fabled Azurite Tower. This convergence marks the beginning of her journey, not just to pave the way for the Dragon’s return but also to discover her true self.

Destiny ordained her to play a pivotal role in the return of the Knowledge Dragons and restore lost knowledge to the land. Cassie’s power grew as she unearthed long-forgotten skills in the ancient arts. She meets a little Dragon, the first to be seen in a thousand years, who becomes her friend, companion and protector.

Together with her friends, Cassie embarks on a perilous quest to find the Dragon Prophecies, which hold the key to the Dragon’s return. Their adventure is fraught with danger as they navigate treacherous paths, evade malevolent forces, and survive sinister energy attacks. Despite being hunted by mercenaries intent on their demise and their every move being shadowed by a dark figure determined to prevent them from prevailing, their unwavering resilience and determination shine through, inspiring hope in the face of adversity.

Undeterred, the companions ventured into the streets of a forsaken city, its corridors haunted by the tortured souls of ages past.  As whispers of ghosts echoed through the derelict corridors, their resolve was tested when a vile curse afflicted one of their own.  United in their quest, the devoted heroes devised a plan to lift the curse and liberate the spirits of the trapped, healing their ailing comrade. In the darkness of the forsaken city, they unearthed the coveted Dragon Prophecies, a beacon of hope for a world shrouded in despair.  

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The Dragon Prophecies fantasy dragon novel book cover