Libyan Desert Glass Rings

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Libyan Desert Glass Metaphysical Healing Properties 

Lybian Desert Glass Applications ways to use:

  • Golden Tektite should be worn for long periods of time in direct contact with the body to help you move forward spiritually as well as to benefit from its protective vibration.
  • Lybian Desert Glass works well if worn as a pendant directly or the Solar Plexus area.
  • It can be used in all meditations – particularly when trying to strengthen ties or contact higher vibrational beings. Combines with other high vibrational stones such as Moldavite and Herkimer Diamonds.
  • A great stone to use in any energy work or to wear to balance out Moldavite.  Using or wearing together is the perfect way to work with the two stones. 
  • Generally ‘Star Children‘ or people that have lived other lives on other planets will be drawn to Tektites including Lybian Desert Glass.
  • Like all Tektites working with Lybian Desert Glass is a great way to access information from otherworldly energies and connect and download information as needed.
  • Hold the Lybian Desert Glass predominately in your left hand which is your feminine receiving hand and Moldavite in the opposite hand during mediation or energy work.
  • Meditated with in order to bring abundance into your life.
  • Place a piece in your wallet or purse in order to bring abundance into your life.
  • Amazing as the centrepiece of a grid particularly in order to work on either protection or abundance.  Abundance combine with AmazoniteJade and Citrine and protection combine with MoldaviteDarwin Glass and Smoky Quartz.

All of the Libyan Desert Glass Rings on this site are solid 925 sterling silver and handmade by my Jeweler.  I pick or source the stones to be used, we work on the designs and they are made up.  All of my Jewellery will have an open back so that there is nothing between you and the energy of the stone. I 100% guarantee the quality of the Moldavite ring and that it is genuine Moldavite.