Lava Stone

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Lava Stone Metaphysical Healing Properties 

Lava Stone is a very grounding and protective stone. It allows you to reconnect with nature at the most basic level and then work your way up and through her wonders. It is a highly stabilizing stone that allows you to recover quickly when you have had an unsettling time. By doing this it really brings through that feeling of ‘getting back on your feet’. It helps you to understand the circumstances of the difficult time you are in so that you can recover more quickly. Lava Stone is a very calming stone and helps you to clear away and release any anger you are holding. While at the same time start to begin to understand that every situation has a reason and a lesson to be learned. Lava Stone is a great fertility stone as it assists you to be in the right place in all aspects in order to make the move forward to creating a new life.

Lava Stone is a very cooling stone and can be used in any situation of heat which include anger, fever and hot flushes in menopause.  This is due to the nature of the stone in its cooling process as it moves so quickly from the molten lava stage to the solid rock form.  It is also a stone that will allow you to get back to nature and find the grounding and protection you require as you stay firm or ‘Rock Solid’ in your progression forward.  It assists with dissipating negative energy and blocking any type of damaging vibrational energy sent in your direction. Affirmation: I am grounded and protected in all areas of my life.

Question: Do you combine different healing modalities with your crystals?

Lava Stone Physical Healing – Any fertility issue, regeneration and quicker recovery time from any illness or injury.

Lava Stone Application ways to use:

  • The most common way to use Lava Stone is to use it with essential oil/oils as a rock you carry around or as a bracelet you wear. A few drops of the appropriate oil on your item and you can carry the scent of the essential oil around with you. Please remember to skin test the oil first.
  • Lava Rocks are a great item to add to a Mojo Bag so that you can quickly and easily add a different element with some essential oil.
  • Use in any type of grid work for grounding and protection. It combines well with Obsidian (another lava volcanic rock), Selenite and Clear Quartz to amplify.
  • Combine with Moonstone, Shiva LIngam, Chrysocolla and Rose Quartz for a love aid to conceive.
  • Used in meditation in order to enhance bring through ground, protection and reconnection to nature. Moss AgateGreen Phantom QuartzPicture JasperGreen AventurineTree Agate, and Dendritic Agate for this purpose.
  • Can be used in all meditations and energy work particularly when clearing blockages including in the fertility area.  Try combining with AmethystUnakiteAmetrine and or Clear Quartz.

Lava Stone History Mythology Information: Lava Stone is the most common form of rock on the planet and is formed when rapid cooling of Basaltic lava occurs near the surface of a planet or moon.

Lava Stone is very useful for Metaphysical purposes as you can add essential oils onto the surface and it will retain the scent for a period of time. This allows you to combine the two areas of healing – Aromatherapy and Crystal Healing. Very useful when adding herbal properties to Mojo Bags. Lava Stone is a common name that has come into fashion more recently with its popularity in Aromatherapy.  It is a soft porous stone that will take and hold Essential oils for a period.  It is a common stone found all over the world and has bigger holes or pits than the finer Basalt.  It is closely related to Basalt with the difference being the cooling time to form.  It is very often seen in bracelets and necklaces that you can apply different essential oils

Crystal Information

  • Alternative Names: Lava Stone, Volcanic Rock, Lava Rock
  • Location Found: Lava Rocks can be found all over the world, however they are collected commercially from places that have active volcanoes.
  • Mineral Class: Silicate
  • Hardness Mohs: 3-3.5
  • Chakra – Base Chakra
  • Energy: Masculine
  • Rarity: Common
  • Colour: Black and grey however it varies depending on the mineral composition.
  • Forms: rough, natural and in bracelets and some jewelry
  • Birthstone: Nil
  • Energy: Masculine
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Taurus and Cancer
  • Numerological Number: 1
  • Element: Earth
  • Affirmation: I am grounded and protected in all areas of my life.

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