Large Elite Shungite

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The higher the level of Carbon the better the grade of Shungite.  Elite Shungite is approximately 1% of all Shungite found and MUST be certified 92-98% Carbon to be called Elite Shungite.  Normal Shungite is up to 60-70% carbon.  The Nobel prize and research were done over the fullerenes in Shungite and the higher the level of Carbon the more fullerenes in the Shungite. 

Elite Shungite Metaphysical Healing Properties Information 

Elite Shungite is rarely caved as there is too little found for the amount of stone waste produced by cutting or carving the stone.  If you see Shungite for sale and it doesn’t state it is Elite, Nobel, Crystal or Silver it will NOT be Elite Shungite but will be normal Shungite.

Large Elite Shungite Pieces for Sale