Harmonizers and how to Use them

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Shungite Harmonizers 


Harmonizers have been used for a long time, in ancient Egypt, they were called ‘Staffs of Pharaoh”.  They are now called ‘Harmonizers’.

Harmonizers are used to improve the way you feel and to raise your vibration/energy levels.  By meditating with Harmonizers you can tape into the universal energy and begin to absorb higher forms of information.  Higher forms of consciousness are there to help and guide us through our life path.  Due to the healing properties of Shungite using Harmonizers is a fantastic way to improve health.

Harmonizers are used to help bring your body into balance.

How to us Harmonizers

You have 2 Harmonizers that are two different stones.  The Yin Harmonizer is made from Shungite and is used in the left hand in order to tap into the Yin half of the physical body.  The Yan Harmonizer is made from Talkohlorit or Russian Nephritis is held in the right hand to assist with the Yang half of the physical body.
Application Guidelines:

Holding the Harmonizers in the relative hands to stone type get into a comfortable sitting position with legs uncrossed.  Sit with your hands on your knee with palm up and holding your Harmonizers parallel to each other.  Close your eyes and relax allowing yourself to go into a meditative state concentrate on your breathing and energizing your body.  Do this for 3-5 minutes every day twice a day gradually increasing the time to a comfortable 15 minutes for 2 weeks.  Take a two-week break and repeat it.

Health benefits – improve heart disease and cardiac issues, endocarditis attacks.  Assist with brain function and help neurological disorders, relax and relieve stress,  lower body temperature, and assist with blood circulation, pregnancy.

‘Shungite transforms water into a biologically active life-enhancing substance, whilst at the same time removing harmful micro-organisms and pollutants. Research has shown that Shungite absorbs that which is hazardous to health whether it be pesticides, free radicals, bacteria and the like, or EMF, microwave and other vibrational emissions. It boosts physical well-being and has a powerful effect on the immune system. Shungite infused water is traditionally drunk two or three times a day to eliminate free radicals and pollutants, as an antibacterial and antiviral, and for prevention or lessening of the symptoms of the common cold and other diseases. A Shungite pyramid or sphere placed by the bed counteracts insomnia and headaches and eliminates the physiological effects of stress.’   Judy Hall

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