How to Use Pendulums

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How To Use A Pendulum


What is a Pendulum?

According to the Dictionary, a Pendulum is: a weight hung from a fixed point so that it can swing freely.

Simply you could tie a string around a stone evenly and have a pendulum or take a pendant you have and hook the necklace to it and drop it down (this is a great makeshift pendulum) and use it as a pendulum or purchase a ready-made one in the stone of your choice.

So what does this mean when using stones and crystals as pendulums?

When using a pendulum for drowsing the pendulum is usually small enough to be carried and used at anytime and is an object that can be hung down from a length of chain/string to use gravity to get a motion response from questions asked of it.

Where Do Pendulums Come From?

Pendulums are a device that has been used throughout recorded history for many different purposes.  The first know record of a Pendulum being used is in cave drawing in Algeria that has been dated at over 8000 years ago.

How Pendulums have been used throughout history

Divination or Predicting the Future.  This has been a common use throughout history with it being recorded that Chinese Emperors used them for this purpose.  As well as asking questions directly it has also been recorded that people would use the pendulum suspended over a map to locate lost objects.

Drowsing.  This is also a common use of the Pendulum, with the bible stating that Moses used a Pendulum to discover water that was hidden in the rock.

How does a pendulum work?

This is an age-old question and there are a lot of different answers to it depending on what your belief is.  So people believe that a pendulum will give you an answer in a similar way to how kinesiology works, that is you ask a question and you answer it yourself by using minute muscles in the hand that is holding the pendulum.  Some believe that it is tapping into a higher source, depending on your belief system to give you an answer.  This is something that you will have to decide for yourself.

How To Use A Pendulum

Learning how to use a pendulum is easy and it will not be long before you are confidently using it whenever you want!  It is always a good idea to start with easy questions that you know are true and precise to get your answer.   For example instead of staying ‘Is my name XYZ?’ Try saying ‘Is my name XYZ in this life?’ The clearer and more precise your questions the better your answers will be

  1. Clear your mind – take a deep breath, relax, and focus.  I like to take 3 deep breaths making sure I exhale deeply to relax.
  1.  Get in Position– Hold the Pendulum in your dominant hand between your thumb and pointer finger, so that the Pendulum dangles down with a length of at least 10cm of chain.  Hold your second hand up and under your pendulum with approximately 2cm between the two.  We do this because the palm of your hand is an energy point and assists you in getting a stronger response.  However, you can do it over anything, including objects and maps.
  1. Find out your Signals– This step you only need to do only one time as it will tell you what your answers will be.  You can get 3 different responses and this will vary from person to person.
  • 1 Yes
  • 2 No
  • 3 Maybe or not sure

You now ask your questions to determine what your responses are or you can simply repeat yes, yes yes yes and see what the answer is.  You will have a different answer for each response.  Back and forth could be your yes or anticlockwise might be your no.

  1. Test your signals.  Ask some questions until you are confident that you know what your signals are.
  1. Establish where your answers are coming from. This step is done prior to every time I use my pendulum and to make sure my answer is coming from the right and true place.  At the beginning of each session, I will say (aloud or in my mind depending on where I am): I call upon my higher self and ask that all questions answered here are true and correct and for the greater good of myself and all others’.
  1. Ask your question/questions. This is the fun part!  Start asking your questions, but always make sure they are precise and the answer is going to be a yes or no answer.
  1. Response.  You should now receive a response to your question.  I find that this happens in its own time so be patient and make sure you stay focused on the question and NOT the answer that you want!
  1. Reset Pendulum. At the end of each question make sure you bring the Pendulum to a full stop to clear it and make sure the next answer is correct.  You can do this by gently touching it to your opposite palm or just tell it to stop.  Once it has stopped you can then ask the next question if you have one and start the process over again and remember to have fun.

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