Grape Agate (Botryoidal Amethyst)

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Grape Agate (Botryoidal Amethyst)

Grape Agate is a rare form of Amethyst that is only found on the western coast of Sulawesi an island in Indonesia.  The name ‘Grape Agate’ was given due to the appearance and shape of the stone, as they look like bunches of grapes.  Grape Agates first appeared on the market around 2016 and have been popular since partly due to its catchy name. 

 So is ‘Grape Agate’ Agate? 

No.  The name with given due to the fun look of the stone and its resemblance to a bunch of grapes and is incorrect as the stone is not a form of Agate. It is really a form of purple quartz (Amethyst) with spherical (botryoidal) formations. These sphere shapes are usually found in clusters or druzy with purple being the most common colour, however, they can range in colour from purple, white, grey, green and blue/green.

So what is Grape Agate? 

After looking at all of the formation facts it is clear that ‘Grape Agate’ should really be called ‘Botryoidal Amehtyst’ – but where is the fun in that? 

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