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What is a Fossil?

The word Fossil is derived from Classical Latin and literally means ‘obtained by digging’. So we get Fossils from under the ground…… but what are they? A fossil is the preserved remain, or impression, or trace of any once-living thing from a past geological age. A Fossil will usually take at least 10 thousand years to form or fossilize.

Fossils can come from many once living things. Examples of these are: Bones or hair, shells or exoskeletons, stone imprints of animals or microbes, petrified wood, oil or coal and remnants of DNA and objects or animals persevered in Amber or Copal.

So it takes a long time and the right conditions to create a fossil – sometimes I think they are freaks of nature that have only been put out there to help us balance out the other stones. Because if you think about it, the conditions have to be perfect for the living matter to fossilize and not breakdown as part of the cycle of life. I like to add about 1 in 10 fossils into my working as i feel that Fossils bring through the organic balance.

What are Organic Crystals/Stones?

An organic stone/crystal is one that comes from something that was once living and over time has turned into a stone or crystals. This means it has either been petrified or fossiliaed which take a minimum of about 10,000 years (give or take a few)!

When working with crystals and their energy Amber also falls into this category even though it is not technically a crystal or a stone!

I personally like to do a mix or ratio of about 1 organic stone for every 7-10 inorganic ones when I am doing any energy work (including grids) I find that it balances out the energyies and give the energy a greater flow.

One of the things I love about crystals is having a play with combining different energies and using organic stones is a great way to do this.

 Some other organic stones you can use are AmmonitesFossilPetrified Wood,  Jet,  AmberTurritella Agate and Stromatolites.

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