Elite Shungite in Quartz

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Elite Shungite in Quartz

Elite Shungite is approximately 2% of all Shungite found and when you get Elite Shungite that has Quartz views running through it you have an even rarer item. Approximately 4% of all Elite Shungite found has is Elite Shungite in Quartz.

Over the many years that I’ve been importing Shungite directly from Russia, I have only had the opportunity to bring in Elite Shungite in Quartz twice (this is the second time).
So if you would like a rare treat to your Shungite collection then please see the Specimens below.

I love the feel of Elite Shungite in Quartz as it has a really ‘buzzy’ feel to it. I believe this is due to the combination of the two stones. You have Elite Shungite which is a very powerful stone with a higher vibration and then you mix it in with Clear Quartz and Clear Quartz is an amplifier. By adding the two together you create a gorgeous high vibrational stone.

Elite Shungite Crystal Metaphysical Healing Properties Information

Clear Quartz Crystal Metaphysical Healing Properties Information

Wholesale inquiries.  I have a range of Shungite Products that I currently have at wholesale prices.  If you are in the industry and would like to on-sell them then please contact me using this form to open an account.  Thank you.

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