Double Terminated Quartz

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Double Terminated Quartz

What is a Double Terminated Quartz?

A Double terminated Quartz Crystal means that the piece has a naturally forming faceted point (termination) on both ends. Typically Quartz will grow out of a base of the rock and have only one point or termination.

How does a Natural Double Terminated Quartz Form?

The right set of circumstances must be in place for a DT (Double Terminated) point to form. The DT Crystals will typically form in free-floating pockets of liquid and the liquid will slowly evaporate over time leaving the crystals that have Double Termination behind as a result. Due to the forming process, these will often be found in the sedimentary rock layer instead of the igneous rock layer that normal quartz typically forms in. You can see areas where large clusters of DT points are created. Examples of this are: Herkimer Diamonds, Tibetan Black Quartz and Mooralla Smoky Quartz.

Man-Made Double Terminated Quartz or Wands.

Man-made carvings or double terminated wands are commonly made in order to duplicate the way the energy is enhanced and flows through a natural DT crystal. One of the first studies of how the energy flows through DT points was done by Marcel Vogel back in 1950 which lead to the creation of the Vogel Wand which has been copied to some degree since by double-terminated man-made wands.

How does a Double Terminated Point work?

A double terminated point allows the energy to flow both ways through the point and so is a much more effective energy transfer and increase the vibration level of the point. Natural Double terminated points as a rare occurrence in nature and should be used with care and appreciation.

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