Watermelon Tourmaline

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Watermelon Tourmaline (Rubellite)

    • Alternative Names: Pink Tourmaline depending on the amount of green on the outer layer.
    • Crystal System: Trigonal
    • Location: Brazil, Madagascar, Argentine, Pakistan
    • Mineral Class: Silicate
    • Crystal System: Trigonal
    • Colour: Pink with a green edge
    • Rarity: Uncommon to Rare
    • Hardness Mohs: 7 to 7.5
    • Forms:  natural, matrix, rough, cut and in Jewelry
    • Birthstone: Tourmaline October
    • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Gemini and Virgo
    • Numerological Number: 2
    • Element:  Water
    • Affirmation: My heart is open and I can give and receive love freely.

Watermelon Tourmaline History Mythology Information: The name “watermelon tourmaline” was first used in the early 1900’s by George R. Howe of Norway, Maine due to the distinctive appearance of the outer green Tourmaline and the inner Pink Tourmaline. To be called Watermelon Tourmaline the piece must resemble a watermelon with the outer green layer and the inner pink.

Watermelon Tourmaline Metaphysical Healing Properties Information: Watermelon Tourmaline is a stone with a strong connection to the Heart Chakra due to its combination of Pink Tourmaline and Green Tourmaline.  It is a wonderfully balancing stone that assists with cleansing and removing any blockages that you are holding.  Watermelon Tourmaline has both male and female energies and helps to balance out this area in your life and bring security in one’s self in all areas.  It will assist you with any issues you are having in relationships or help you to attract the right person into your life.  Watermelon Tourmaline will allow you to understand Divine Love and allow it into your life.  Like all Tourmaline Crystals, Watermelon Tourmaline is a very protective stone and will help you connect on a deeper level to Mother Earth.  This will allow you to feel more at ease and ground as you move through life.  This is a hard to find and very sought after healing stone.

Watermelon Tourmaline really allows you to shift anything negative that you’re holding in your Heart Chakra to allow you to be more open in your life so that you can more freely give love and receive love.  Affirmation: My heart is open and I can give and receive love freely.

Question: What is love?

Other Tourmalines:

Chakra – Heart Chakra

Watermelon Tourmaline Physical Healing –Assist with women Hormone and Menstruation issues, nervous system, nervousness, or anxiety and helps balance energy.

Watermelon Tourmaline Applications suggested uses:

    • Can be used in all meditations as both a healing stone as well as a protective stone.
    • Great to use when you are seeking new friendships or relationships
    • The perfect gift to give new relationships or friendships to strengthen the bond and commitment. Great stones for this purpose are Tsavorite, VesuvaniteGarnetRuby and or Red Tigers Eye in order to keep the passion in the relationship.
    • Use when looking for balance within your life particularly within relationships.  This combines well with both the feminine energy or Moonstone and the masculine energy of Sunstone
    • It is great to use when meditating in order to release blockages and open yourself up to Divine Love.   Stones for a strong connection to Divine Love are Cavansite, Kunzite, Morganite and Watermelon Tourmaline.
    • Carried as a talisman for protection.  Place a piece in a Protection Mojo Bag in order to bing through the protection as well as the balance.
    • Wonderful to use in heal particularly around the area of the heart.
    • Wonderful to use in grid work.


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