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  • Alternate Names: Tsavorite has also been mistaken for Emeralds
  • Crystal System: Isometric 
  • Formation: Tertiary
  • Mineral Class: Island silicate
  • Hardness Mohs: 6 to 7.5
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Colour: Green
  • Location Found: Tanzania and India
  • Forms: natural, and in Jewelry
  • Birthstone: Nil
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Numerological Number: 3
  • Element: Water
  • Affirmation

Garnet Names and Colours:

  • Almandine: Opaque Red and not generally used in Gemstones
  • Pyrope: Most commonly used Garnet Dark Rose Red 
  • Rhodolite: Rose Red Pink
  • Sepessartite: Orange Red
  • Grossular: A Varicolored form of Garnet, occurring in almost all colours except blue
  • Tsavorite: Green
  • Andradite: Yellow, greenish-yellow to emerald-green, dark green; brown, brownish red, brownish yellow; greyish black
  • Demantoid: Green
  • Topazolite: Yellow
  • Melanite: Black
  • Uvarovite: Green

Tsavorite Mythology history Information:  Tsavorite is a type of Grossularite Garnet.  It got its name due to first being found in the Tsavo National Park in Africa.  It has recently come into popularity as a replacement stone for Emerald.

Tsavorite Metaphysical Healing Properties Information:  Tsavorite has a wonderful soft vibration that hits the ‘heart of the matter’ every time and allows us to release any emotional trauma that you are holding or dealing with.  It enables you to start to let go of old hurts and feelings of inadequacy and start trusting yourself and others and be able to form new relationships and start to socialize.  Tsavorite strengthens your psychic power and allows you to reconnect or connect on a deeper level with nature in order to find the balance between work life and nature time.

Chakra – Heart Chakra

Tsavorite Physical Healing – Helps with to strengthen the immune system especially when you are recovering, assists with allergies both pollen and animal, aides blood sugar issues, assists with inflammation and increases the libido.

Tsavorite Applications suggested uses:

  • Wearing Tsavorite is a great way to open your heart and give you the strength to venture out in life and try new things and meet new people.
  • The perfect gift to give new relationships or friendships to strengthen the bond and commitment. Great stones for this purpose are VesuvaniteGarnetRuby and or Red Tigers Eye in order to keep the passion in the relationship.
  • Is a great stone to use in order to release old hurts and blockages.  Combines well with SeleniteAquamarine, and Lemurians.
  • Can be used in all meditations particularly when wanting to increase your psychic powers and intuition or contacting higher vibrational beings. Combines well with Scolectite, Seraphinite and Apophyllite for this purpose.
  • Can be carried around in your stone bag in order to benefit from its vibration continuously.
  • Wonderful for all grinding work particularly when doing work on the Heart Chakra.


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