Star Hollandite (Black Star Quartz, Star Quartz, Spider Quartz)

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Star Hollandite 

    • Alternative Names: Star Hollandite, black Star Quartz, Star quartz, Sider Quartz
    • Crystal System: Monoclinic
    • Location Found: India and Madagascar
    • Hardness Mohs: 7
    • Rarity: Very Rare
    • Formation: Primary
    • Mineral Class: Quartz
    • Colour: Quartz with black or grey starbursts
    • Forms:  Rare – Points and clusters only found in India and Madagascar
    • Birthstone: Nil
    • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Libra
    • Numerological Number: 7 and 11
    • Element: Water
    • Affirmation

Star Hollandite Quartz History/Mythology: It is said that we are all fallen stars and that we have forgotten why we came to this Earth, it is believed that Star Hollandite will help you to remember you purpose and unlock any secrets that you hold deep within yourself.  Star Hollandite was first discovered in India in 1906 and was named after the discoverer T H Holland.

Star Hollandite Metaphysical Healing Properties: Star Hollandite Quartz is a stone that will allow you to push further than you have before and ‘reach for the stars’.  It allows you to see all the potential deep inside yourself and to move forward and become who you are destined to be by unlocking and connecting with your true self.  Star Hollandite is a very high vibrational stone and brings light into our live from the Divine Source.  It will help to activate the Crown and Third Eye Chakra to enable you to connect with higher beings and increase your psychic abilities.  It is also known to increase synchronicity or coincidences in your life.

Chakra – Crown and Third Eye Chakra

Star Hollandite Physical Healing – Due to the Quartz in Star Hollandite it is a wonderful all around healer.

Star Hollandite Applications suggested uses:

  • Can be used in all meditations particularly when connecting with Higher Beings. Combines well with Azurite, Angelite, SeraphiniteCelestite and Apophyllite for this purpose.
  • Wonderful as a healing tool to move through the auric field and clearing any blockages. Combines well with Selenite, Black Tourmaline and Fluorite. Always remember to go up and through when working on your Aura/Energy Field.
  • Place under the bed to assist with visions and dream work
  • Placing Star Hollandite near you while sleeping can bring forth a parade of potent and powerful dreams and helps to recall and manipulate your dreams to learn the lessons and move on.  Great stones to enhance dream work are Mystic MerliniteDream Amethyst and Black Tourmaline.
  • Carry around with you to attract synchronistic events into your life.  Stones that combine well to attract synchronistic events into your life are NummiteMoonstone, Labradorite, Ruby and Star Hollandite.


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