Shiva Lingam

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Shiva Lingam Metaphysical Healing Information: Shiva Lingams have a very grounding energy that assists you to connect with the universes and help to connect with both male and female energies equally, it is an especially powerful energy generator and cleanser when used in meditation.  This allows the user to tap into the divine knowledge to obtain insight and direction (when the user is ready).  A Shiva Lingam helps to awaken your energy centers and assist with raising your Kundalini energy. Affirmation: I am one with all every that surrounds me.

Question: How connected to everything around you do you feel?

Chakra – Primary Rook Chakra and Secondary Works through all 11 Major Physical Chakras

Physical Healing –Balances fluid of the body, alleviates back pain and assists alignment of the spine. Increases fertility and relieves menopausal and prostrate disorders. 

Shiva Lingams Applications suggested uses:

  • Can be used in all meditations particularly when clearing blockages.  Try combining with Unakite to bring through the earth energies or Clear Quartz to amplify and clear.
  • Wonderful as a healing tool to move through the auric field.
  • Great to use in times of depression and facing issues to find life purpose and direction.
  • Used to help raise your Kundalini – please note that this is something that should be taken with great preparation.   Can be used in all meditations and energy work to assist with raising the Kundalini Energies. Combine with Serpentine, Black JetAtlantisite and Red Jasper.
  • This is a great stone to use for fertility purposes.  Ancient tradition states that you place the Shiva Lingam in the Yoni and pour water over it and then drink the water.
  • Create a fertility pouch to carry with you –  combine with Moonstone, Carnelian and Rose Quartz.

History Mythology: The Shiva Lingam stones come from the Narmada River in India, these stones are naturally formed through tumbling in the river.  Once a year the stone are gathered in a ceremony and then hand polished.  According to the ancient Sanskrit Shiva Lingam which means ‘sign’ or ‘symbol’ is the symbolic sign of the Divine Creative Manifestation.  The shape is a manifested representation of the Shiva, the Lord of Creation according to Indian beliefs, while the markings on the Shiva Lingam are the symbol of Yoni the feminine energy that creates and fertilizes the ongoing balance in the universe.  It is believed that all Shiva Lingams are connected and that the user can join the grid in order to tap into the universal information.  There are theorizes that due to the small area that these come from and the iron oxide content in the Shiva Lingams that the Narmada river had a meteorite come down and impact millions of years ago.

Crystal Information

    • Alternative Names: Shiva Lingam, Bana Lingam, Narmada River Lingams, Narmada Stones
    • Crystal System: Cryptocrystalline
    • Location: Narmada River, India
    • Hardness Mohs: around 7
    • Mineral Class: Complexed Silicate
    • Colour: Neutral colours, browns, black, cream and 2 tones the most common
    • Rarity: Readily available
    • Forms:  Tumbled, Natural formations
    • Birthstone: Nil
    • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
    • Numerological Number: 6
    • Element: Earth and Water
    • Affirmation: I am one with all every that surrounds me.

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