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Selenite Metaphysical Healing Properties 

Selenite is a stone with a vibration of pure peace and calm and helps to defuse any negative energies that are around which makes it a great protective stone.  Selenite can be used to cleanse other stones in order to clear away any past energy/history that they are holding.   It is a calming stone that helps to promote a deep and peaceful sleep, particularly where nightmares or night terrors are involved.  Selenite assists you to work through any blockages that you might have in order to give you greater clarity of mind and allow you to access higher self-information and understandings.

Selenite is one of those stones that I believe everyone should use and have around them.  It is a peaceful protective stone with a pure vibration that never needs cleansing.  Affirmation: Softly I walk at one with everything around me filled with peace.

Question: Where do I find peace in my life?

Note: You should never get Selenite wet as over time it will dissolve due to its porous nature.

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A Sleep Mojo Bag is a great tool to assist with better sleep

Selenite is a Liquid Crystals Stone and represents ‘Spiritual Guidance’

Selenite Physical Healing – Stimulates the digestion, spleen, and pancreas, increases blood circulation, detoxes blood, and balances the thyroid.  Reverse the effects of free radicals within the body.

Selenite Application suggested uses:

  • Place your stones or jewelry on a slab of Selenite to cleanse and recharge all the stored energy from them.  I have a glass bowl with Selenite in the bottom where I place my bracelets and other jewelry when I take it off so that next time I wear them they are recharged and ready to go!
  • Place under your bed with some Howlite for a peaceful and good night’s sleep.
  • Use a wand during healing to cleanse and heal the person’s body and particularly their aura. Always remember to go up and through when working on your Aura/Energy Field.
  • Great to go in a baby or child room (please place safely to protect the child as small pieces can be a choking hazard)  in order for them to feel safe and loved at night on their own.  A great combo of crystals to go in a child’s room are Selenite, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline and Lepidolite.
  • Will go wonderful with any group of crystals to keep them cleansed and recharged.  I always recommend popping a piece in any Mojo Bag so that it adds the cleansing and recharging effect. 
  • Make a grid (combine with Black Tourmaline for better results)around a room or person in creating a peaceful protected area.
  • Meditate with to access higher self-information. Combines well with Scolecite, Charoite, Seraphinite, LepidolitePhantom Quartz  and Moldavite 
  • Place a grid around a room or area with Black Tourmaline in order to block out any negative energies from entering.
  • Selenite can be worn as jewelry, how this is not a common stone to place in jewelry as it is very a very soft stone.
  • DO NOT use in a crystal essence for consumption. 

Selenite Mythology History Information  

Selenite is a desert-born stone and forms when inland seas, hot springs, and clay beds evaporate over time.  Selenite is formed through the materials left from these areas as they evaporate.  Selenite is a porous stone and will dissolve over time if left in water.  Selenite is a form of Gypsum and Gypsum gets its name from the Greek word for moon and roughly translates as ‘Moon Glow’.


Selenite Crystal Information

  • Alternative Names: Gypsum
  • Crystal System: Splintery, Monoclinic
  • Formation process: Forms as an evaporate around hot springs and in clay beds
  • Mineral Class: Sulphates, Gypsum
  • Chakra – Crown and Higher Chakras
  • Hardness Mohs: 2
  • Rarity: Common
  • Location Found: Most of the world (desert areas) Commercially Mexico, Morocco and Madagascar
  • Colour: Opaque with a vitreous lustre
  • Forms: Natural, tumbled, wands, chunks, slabs, natural wands, cut/carved and in Jewelry
  • Birthstone: Nil
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Numerological Number: 8
  • Element: Wind
  • Affirmation: Softly I walk at one with everything around me filled with peace.

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