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    • Alternative Names: Nil
    • Crystal System: Amorphous
    • Location: Sedona USA energy vortex
    • Mineral Class:  Quartz Sandstone Concretion
    • Hardness: 4-5
    • Colour: Blue Pinky/Brown
    • Rarity: Very Rare
    • Forms:   Natural ball formations
    • Birthstone: Nil
    • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Aquarius, Aries and Libra
    • Numerological Number: 4 and 6
    • Elements: Earth
    • Affirmation: I live in balance and harmony with everything around me.

Sedonalites Metaphysical Healing Properties Information: Sedonalites are sandstone concretions that formed near the Sedona energy vortexes. They contain a high percentage of Quartz and are thus able to receive, retain and transmit much of the energy to which they have been exposed. Since they were found in such a highly charged area, Sedonalites are extraordinarily active stones! Sedonalite is a stone of dynamic energetic balance. It can both charge and harmonize the meridian system, and it can bring one’s astral and subtle bodies into resonant alignment with the physical. The stones are both grounding and stimulating, engendering a heightened sense of sensitivity and alertness.” Robert Simmons

Chakra: Base Chakra

Sedonalite Physical Healing:  Used to assist with any balancing needed in the body include glandular and hormonal.  Assist with the circulation and any blood issues.

Sedonalite Applications suggested uses:

  • Can be used in all meditations for centring and grounding purposes
  • Can be programmed due to their high level of quartz
  • Place into a Mojo Bag or Shaman Bag to assist with a Vision Quest or Shamanic Quest.  Combines well with these stones for this purpose. Nuummite,  Mystic MerliniteAstrophyllite and Spirit Quartz.
  • Place into grid work to bring balance, grounding and protection within the grid.
  • Used in healing to assist with balancing issues, works well with the Root or Base Chakra
  • Carried around with you and taken out and played with when you are drawn and in need of the energy.

Sedonalites for Sale

Currently, none available and I have not seen them for sale in years.