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  • Alternative Name: Corundum
  • Crystal System: Trigonal
  • Formation: Primary or Tertiary
  • Hardness Mohs: 9
  • Rarity: Common
  • Location Found: Australia, Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka, Canada, Czech Republic and Brazil
  • Mineral Class: Oxide, Corundum Family
  • Colour: Blue, yellow, blue-green (party), colourless, black
  • Forms: natural, polished, cut/carved and very common in Jewelry
  • Birthstone: September
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Virgo, Libra and Sagittarius
  • Numerological Number: 2
  • Element: Water and Wind
  • Affirmation: I cast aside misinformation and follow my own true spiritual path.

Sapphire History Mythology Information:  Sapphires have a long history with deep connections and beliefs in my cultures around the world. Throughout history, Sapphires have been revered for their brilliant blue and Violet colours, however, Sapphires can actually be found in every colour except red (Red sapphires rubies).  Both Rubies and Sapphires are in the same family and have the same hardness. Throughout history, this made them a high-quality gemstone that was considered very, precious, durable and pricey – the better the quality (please see the 4C’s below) the higher the price.  Sapphires come in many different colours this is through the trace elements that are present during creation, without these trace elements the sapphire would be colourless.

Sapphire has always been linked to both Saturn the God and Saturn the planet in all of the old cultures in both Europe and India.  As well as the goddess Venus and the planet Venus in Roman mythology and Apollo in ancient Greek. It, therefore, is seen to represent the heavens, sphere of the angels, magic, fidelity and friendship

Sapphires were often given as gifts to the Delphi in order to consult the oracles. Throughout history, they have been seen to be connected to the Third Eye and assist in contacting and influencing spirits and higher beings as well as enhancing one’s psychic ability. Sapphires have also been noted as a stone choice in a lot of cases for royalty and prominent figures as they were meant to protect the wearer and attract well to them.  I have only listed a small amount of the history and lore of Sapphires due to the length as there is much more information in many more cultures.

Precious Gemstone value is rated using the 4 C’s – this will give you an indication of why a Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire pricing varies so much:

  • Clarity – refers to the presence or lack of inclusions that can affect a gemstones appearance and overall durability. In most cases the clear it is the more expensive it will be.
  • Colour – depending on the stone type the colour will reach a higher value.  
  •  Cut – The better the cut of the stone the more expensive it usually is.  
  • Carat (ct) – This refers to the size of the stone.  The size of smaller items like gemstones are often referred to as Carats – there are 5 Carats in a gram.

Sapphire Metaphysical Healing Properties Information:  Sapphires predominantly work through your Throat Chakra and Higher Chakras however this can vary slightly depending on the colour of the stone. They are a stone that will help you to connect and communicate with the Angelic Realm in including higher beings. They are a fantastic crystal to use for activating your Third Eye or Pineal Gland, and by doing this the energy will assist you to increase your psychic ability and spiritual connection so that you can find your true life purpose and follow your own spiritual path with ease and confidence.  Sapphires assist with healing at a deep spiritual level so that you can let go of misinformation that you have been given and find your own wisdom, joy and peace.

Sapphires are considered a stone of prosperity and will assist you to recognize and attract all the things you want into your life that are important.  Please understand a Sapphire is not a ‘money abundance’ stone, but a stone that lets you recognize what’s truly important to you and your happiness, it then opens you up to attracting that into your life while allowing you the peace and gratitude to accept it and understand that you are worthy of having it.  Affirmation: I cast aside misinformation and follow my own true spiritual path.

Question: What is truly important to you?

Chakra – Third Eye and Throat Chakras

Sapphire is a Liquid Crystals Stone and represents ‘Spiritual Truth’

Sapphire Physical Healing – Calms overactive body systems, regulates glands. Heals eyes by removing impurities. Treats blood disorders, strengthens veins. Blue – seeks spiritual truth with love and purity. Transmutes negative energies. Helps to express yourself by speaking your truth.

Sapphire Applications and ways to use:

  • Sapphire should be worn for long periods of time in direct contact with the body – a choker or high necklace pendant is great for this as it is close to your throat chakra.
  • Sapphire works well when laid directly on the Throat or Third Eye Chakras during meditation or healings.
  • Can be used in all energy or grid work in connect and communicate with the Angelic or higher realms. Combines well with Angelite, CelestiteCharoite and Scolocite for this purpose.
  • Carry or wear a piece in order to help active your Third Eye and increase your psychic ability by stimulating your pineal gland. Combines well with AmethystLabradoriteAzuriteCharoite and Angelite for this purpose.
  • Meditated with in order to release misinformation and spiritual hurt in order to move forward and find your own true spiritual path.  When feeling a little ‘lost’ try creating a Mojo Bag for life purpose with Super 7, Sapphire, Sulphur in Quartz, Iolite and Clear Quartz.
  • Add into an Abundance Mojo Bag if you wish to enrich what is attracted to you through all areas of your life and attached a wide area of prosperity.
  • Can be used in all meditations – Polished Star Sapphires are particularly good for this
  • Sapphire can also safely used as a gem elixir either applying the elixir directly to the skin or drinking the elixir.
  • It can be taken safely as an essence. Please make sure you clean all stones thoroughly prior to making an essence and if unsure of safety use as a topical spray.  Crystals that can be safely used to make essences are: Clear QuartzRose QuartzAmethystSmoky QuartzCitrineAgate (not dyed)MoonstoneCarnelian (not saltwater)Rutilated QuartzJasper, AventurineAmber and Obsidian.

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