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Ruby Metaphysical Healing Properties 

Rubies encourage you with renewed strength to have passion and enthusiasm for all areas of your life. It is a stone of abundance as it assists you to retain and expand the wealth that you currently have and reignite your passion for other areas.  Ruby will assist you with dealing with any blockages that you are holding by bringing up anger and negative emotions that you are suppressing in order for you to deal with them and then release and move forward with passion and positive thoughts about the issue.   Rubies help to stimulate the mind so that it becomes sharper with more awareness and allows you to understand concepts easier.   Ruby is a very balancing stone and will help you to overcome exhaustion and yet can calm hyperactivity.

Rubies are amazing stones due to the passion that they bring through and allow you to feel.  This can be in all areas of your life, wherever you need the spark to be reignited and passion to be renewed.  Affirmation: I hold passion and enthusiasm in my life.

Precious Gemstone value is rated using the 4 C’s – this will give you an indication of why a Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire pricing varies so much:

  • Clarity – refers to the presence or lack of inclusions that can affect a gemstones appearance and overall durability. In most cases, the clear it is the more expensive it will be.
  • Colour – depending on the stone type the colour will reach a higher value.  With Rubies, the most expensive stones will be ‘pigeon blood’ or ‘blood-red’ however Rubies can vary in colour from pink to dark red.  Pink Rubies can also be referred to as Pink Sapphires.
  •  Cut – The better the cut of the stone the more expensive it usually is.  
  • Carat (ct) – This refers to the size of the stone.  The size of smaller items like gemstones the weight is often referred to in Carats – there are 5 Carats in a gram.

Question: What are you passionate about in your life?

Chakra – Heart and Root Chakra

Ruby is a Liquid Crystals Stone and represents ‘Spiritual Warrior’

Ruby Physical Healing – It detoxifies the body, blood, lymph and treats fevers. Good for heart and circulation. Stimulates adrenals, kidneys and spleen.  Helps to balance any area in the body that is unbalanced which can include the hormonal, Reproductive organs, Blood Pressure, stomach issues and PMS.

Ruby Applications suggested ways to use:

  • Ruby should be worn for long periods of time within your energy field/Aura.
  • Ruby makes a great hand comforter when you are trying to work out or solve issues that are making you feel out of balance.
  • Carry around with you to attract synchronistic events into your life.  Stones that combine well to attract synchronistic events into your life are NummiteMoonstone, Labradorite, Ruby and Star Hollandite.
  • This stone is great as a gift to a pregnant person so that they can have a healthy happy pregnancy.   Try combining with Amber,  MoonstoneUnakite, and Rose Quartz.
  • Carry a piece or wear some when you are going through difficult times particularly if you feel abused or taken advantage of.  Combines well with Pink TourmalineRubyGarnet and Black Jet for this purpose.
  • Work with Ruby to inspire passion and commitment as a couple.  Stones that combine well for passion are  CarnelianGarnetRuby and or Red Tigers Eye in order to bring the passion back into the relationship as well.
  • Ruby is fantastic to use in grid work particularly when you want to bring the element of passion into your intent.
  • Ruby works well when laid directly on the Heart or Root Chakras during meditation or healings.
  • It can be taken safely as an essence. Please make sure you clean all stones thoroughly prior to making an essence and if unsure of safety use as a topical spray.  Crystals that can be safely used to make essences are: Clear QuartzRose QuartzAmethystSmoky QuartzCitrineAgate (not dyed)MoonstoneCarnelian (not saltwater)Rutilated QuartzJasper, AventurineAmber and Obsidian.

Ruby Mythology History:  The word Ruby comes from the Latin word rubeus meaning red which was named due to its brilliant colour. Ruby was considered to be connected to the sun by all of the old cultures in both Europe and India and was thought to represent life force, inner fire, love and passion. 

Crystal Information

  • Alternative Names: Ruby can be referred to as Corundum as that is the stone family it belongs to.
  • Crystal System: Trigonal
  • Formation: Primary or Tertiary
  • Hardness Mohs: 9
  • Chakra – Heart and Root Chakra
  • Rarity: The better the quality the rare and more expensive the stone.
  • Location found: Thailand,  Cambodia, Burma, India, Afghanistan, Australia, Namibia, Colombia, Japan, Scotland, Brazil and Pakistan
  • Mineral Class: Oxide, Corundum Family
  • Colour: Red to pinky red
  • Forms: natural, polished, cut/carved and common in Jewelry
  • Birthstone: July
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Leo, Aries, Cancer, Scorpio
  • Numerological Number: 3
  • Element: Fire and Earth
  • Affirmation: I hold passion and enthusiasm in my life.

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