Red Phantom Quartz

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Red Phantom Quartz Metaphysical Healing Properties

Red Phantom Quartz is an amazing stone that it brings through the earth’s power of Hematite/Iron and combines it with Quartz which amplifies its properties.  Red Phantom Quartz is great when you want to regain your personal power and freedom, taking the strength of Iron into you.  Phantom crystals can stimulate and boost your intelligence, creativity, and intuition.   Red Phantom Quartz assists in healing anger and hurt, releasing stress, emotional healing, and boosting courage, and self-esteem. This crystal is also useful for addictions, and that makes it a great stone for dieters and people trying to quit smoking! This crystal makes a good talisman for business, enhances financial security, induces perseverance, helps overcome frustration, and is useful for legal situations.

Red Phantom Crystals, are wonderful at helping you to look at yourself at a deeper level and heal your inner child, by seeing outdated patterns and recovering repressed memories by assisting you to access the Akashic Records. These crystals are grounding stones and provide protection during metaphysical activities and enhance telepathy. Phantom Quartz is a great awareness tool and is used for past life work and meditation.  Affirmation:  I am clear and focused and can achieve everything I want to.

Question: What crystals help me focus?

Chakra – Base, Sacral and Solar plexus

Red Phantom Quartz Physical Healing – Is known for its ability to start and continue the healing process. Useful in cases of inflammation, and hearing disorders, and assists in the formation of red blood cells, circulatory problems, and anemia.

Red Phantom Quartz Applications suggested uses:

  • Used in cases of addictions by carrying or wearing the stone.  Make your own Mojo Bag by combining with Hematite, Amethyst, and Lepidolite.
  • A stone circle of Red Phantom tips is a great enhancement method and very powerful when meditating or working within.
  • This crystal makes a good talisman for business, enhances financial security, and induces perseverance.  For business success combine with Cinnabar and pop them into an Abundance Mojo Bag.  Place in the cash register, where the financial books are kept, on the business money tree or on your person.
  • A great stone to create and use in a Mojo Bag for Legal issues.   Combines well with HematiteGarnet and Red Jasper for this purpose.
  • Red Phantom helps you to connect into and download needed information from the Akashic Records and ancient civilizations.  Combines well with Lemurian Seed QuartzLepidolitePhantom Quartz  and Moldavite 
  • It can be used in all meditations that can be held or placed on the relevant Chakra.

 Red Phantom Quartz Mythology History Information:  Red Phantom Quartz is where Hematite or iron bond is grown with Quartz.  This is a rare formation in the bonding and forming of the 2 together.  You can have the traditional very well-formed phantom growing inside the Quartz or a growth seeping up through the quartz or a layer of Iron/Hematite formed on the outside giving the Quartz its red colour.  All of these are in the same family and referred to as Red Phantom Quartz.  Folklore and crystal healing say that phantom crystals are a master healer for any condition.

Crystal Information

  • Alternative Names: Hematoid Quartz, Ferruginous Quartz
  • Crystal System: Trigonal
  • Formation: Primary
  • Mineral Class: Oxide, quartz group
  • Hardness Mohs: 6.5 to 7
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Location Found: China, Australia, Brazil
  • Colour: Clear Quartz with either dustings or stains of red on the outside or the inclusion of red on the inside
  • Chakra – Base, Sacral and Solar plexus
  • Energy: Masculine
  • Forms: Points, Geodes, caves, Pineapple clusters, clusters, natural,
  • Birthstone: Nil
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Numerological Number: 7
  • Elements: Earth and Fire
  • Affirmation:  I am clear and focused and can achieve everything I want to.

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