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  • Alternative names: Nil
  • Crystal System: Amorphous
  • Formation: Secondary
  • Location Found: Australia, Mexico Canada and Ethiopia
  • Rarity: Common
  • Hardness Moh: 5.5 to 6
  • Mineral Class: Amorphous 
  • Colour: all colours, iridescent
  • Forms: natural, tumbled, cut/carved and very common in Jewelry
  • Birthstone: October
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Cancer, Libra and Pisces
  • Numerological Number: 8
  • Element: Water
  • Affirmation: My eyes see a new and wonderful world around me.

Opal Mythology Historical Information:  – Opal is known as both a lucky and unlucky stone depending on what culture you refer to.  According to the Greeks Opal was first formed from the tears of Zeus after he defeated the Titan.  In India, it is believed to be the Goddess of Rainbows who was turned to stone when fleeing from the unwanted advances of other Gods.

Opal Metaphysical Healing Properties Information: Opal has a very fine and delicate energy. Opals allow you to be open and to see the more colourful side of life and awakens your desire for variety and to try new things.  It assists you in finding the ability to express your true self.  It is a very protective stone, especially when venturing into dangerous places.  Opal helps to bring a bond of loyalty to those near you in your life and helps to lighten the mood and bring out spontaneity behaviour.   Opal helps to awaken both your psychic and mystical qualities.  Opal is a fantastic stone to use when you are grieving as it can release fear and send comforting support to those in that deep time of need.  Affirmation: My eyes see a new and wonderful world around me.

Question: Do you look on the bright side of life?

Chakra – Adjust according to the dominant colour of your Opal.

Opal is a Liquid Crystals Stone and represents ‘Emotional Magnification’

Opal Physical Healing – Strengthens the will to live. Treats Parkinson’s disease, improves the memory, cool a fever and fight infection, purifies blood, regulates insulin, and eases childbirth.

Opal Applications suggested ways to use

  • Due to the diversity in colour of many Opal they can be used very usefully in healings by activating several different chakras at once and then linking them back to the Crown Chakra.  By doing this you will infuse your aura with the full spectrum of light for healing.
  • Just keeping the stone close to you is a great pick me up as it gives off a joyful vibration.   Combines well with Amber, Citrine, Peridot and Sunstone for this purpose.
  • Wearing a piece of Jewelry with Opal in it is a great way to utilize its properties – this is a popular way as a talisman or protection while travelling. Try making a Travel Mojo Bag by combining with PyriteGarnetAquamarineChiastolite and Mookaite.
  • Carrying it around in your pocket or as a hand comforter particularly useful in times of grief.  Combines well with Apache Tears, LepidoliteBlack Onyx and Smoky Quartz at this time.
  • Used as a healing stone by placing it on the relevant area

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