Lithium Quartz

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Lithium Quartz Metaphysical Healing Properties

Lithium Quartz is a very powerfully calming stone due to the amplification of the Lithium by the surrounding Quartz, it helps to bring about a feeling of calm and relaxation, particularly in times of stress and upheaval.  Lithium Quartz helps to gently move any feelings or emotions that you are suppressing in a very gentle and calming way allowing you to move on and release any baggage that you are carrying from your past.  Lithium Quartz works gently to help anxiety and or panic disorders, and sleep issues as well as ease the discomfort of addiction withdrawal symptoms.

The first thing you notice when you pick up a piece of Lithium Quartz is how cool it feels and this is what it brings through a cool calm energy that helps to center and ground you.  Affirmation: I can face all challenges as I am cool, calm and centered.

Question: What benefits come into my life by releasing things that are holding me back?

Top 5 Crystals to Assist to Break an Addiction

Chakra – Heart and Crown Chakra Primarily and all other Chakras

Lithium Quartz Physical Healing – Helps ease addiction withdrawal symptoms, is a great antidepressant assisting with anxiety disorders, assists with sleep issues, Panic Attacks, Tourettes Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, and  Menopause

Lithium Quartz Applications suggested uses:

  • Can be used in all meditations particularly when feeling stressed try combining it with Selenite for increased calm and protection.
  • Place in a grid with Rose Quartz and Selenite for peace and calm while moving forward.
  • Carried as a stress reliever – simply pull it out and play with it when needed
  • Place in a Mojo Bag with Selenite, Howlite and Rose Quartz to bring through peace and love and have a better night’s sleep.
  • A great add when dealing with any type of addiction. Lithium is a great stone to assist with the transition period of breaking addictions. It works well with LepidoliteHematiteGarnet, Amethyst and Muscovite.

Lithium Quartz History Mythology Information: Lithium Quartz only comes from one area in Brazil and obtained its name due to the mineral Lithium contained within each point.  The amount of Lithium varies from point to point and Lithium Quartz is known to contain other minerals like manganese, aluminum, iron, and kaolinite which may vary in quantity from stone to stone.

Crystal Information

  • Alternate Names: Quartz with LIthium 
  • Crystal System: Trigonal Crystal System
  • Mineral Class: Silicate Dioxide with Lithium inclusions
  • Hardness Mohs: 7 
  • Location Found: Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Colour: Clear Quartz with a Smoky Pink/purple Ting
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Chakra – Heart and Crown Chakra Primarily and all other Chakras
  • Energy: Hermaphrodite
  • Forms:  Natural formations, natural points and tumbled
  • Birthstone: Nil
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: All Sign 
  • Numerological Number: 6
  • Element:  Storm and Air
  • Affirmation: I can face all challenges as I am cool, calm and centered.

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