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    • Alternative Names: Please see list below as it depends on colour
    • Crystal System: Cubic
    • Formation: Tertiary
    • Mineral Class: Island silicate
    • Colour: Red, Brownie Red, pink, orange, yellow, green brown to black
    • Forms: Cubs, natural, tumbled, cut/carved and very common in Jewelry
    • Birthstone: Traditional and Ancient January

Garnet Names and Colours:

  • Almandine: Opaque Red and not generally used in Gemstones
  • Pyrope: Most commonly used Garnet Dark Rose Red 
  • Rhodolite: Rose Red Pink
  • Sepessartite: Orange Red
  • Grossular: A Varicolored form of Garnet, occurring in almost all colours except blue
  • Tsavorite: Green
  • Andradite: Yellow, greenish yellow to emerald-green, dark green; brown, brownish red, brownish yellow; grayish black
  • Demantoid: Green
  • Topazolite: Yellow
  • Melanite: Black
  • Uvarovite: Green

Garnet Mythology History:  During the Middle Ages Garnet was identical to the medieval carbuncle and was reputed to glow in the dark.  This was on a spiritual level as it was considered that the darkened soul would be illuminated and hope would be given on the difficult life journey when there seemed to be no end.  It was therefore used by heroes on the difficult task of quests.  This was either in shields, sword hilts or as amulets that would bring luck, wealth and blessings on the quest.

Garnet Metaphysical Healing Properties:  Garnet is a wonderful stone if you are traveling or going on a journey as it a valued protective talismans for all travelers.   Garnet is a great stone to inspire love and devotion between couples and is considered to be a stone to aid inspiring and continuing commitment.  Garnet assist you through tough times as it helps to strengthen your survival instinct and helps you realize what is needed to survive and then transition into a position were you are thriving.   During any difficult times Garnet is a stone that brings you comfort and fortitude to push through.

Chakra – Base or Root Chakra

Healing – Regenerates the body and DNA, treats spinal and cellular disorders.


    • Garnet is great to wear for long periods of time in a piece of jewelry (usually only found in the red variety) 
    • Garnet is great when carried or worn as a protective travel talisman
    • Working with Garnet to inspire and commit as a couple 
    • Used in healing sessions in order to release tension and ground to prosper and move forward.
    • Garnet can be meditated on
    • It is very effective to be used as a hand comforter particularly through tough times.

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