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    • Crystal System: Isometricc
    • Location: Mexico, Peru and Russia
    • Mineral Class: Sulfidies
    • Colour: Grey
    • Rarity: common
    • Forms:  Natural formation and in Jewelry
    • Birthstone: Nil

History/Mythology:  Galena is a Lead based stone – DO NOT use in elixirs or essences.

Galena is a very grounding and protective stone and will help you to feel centered and that you have your feet firmly on the ground.  It has a very harmonious vibration that allows you to feel more comfortable in yourself and elevates any self-limiting ideas that you might be holding.  Galena is a great study stone and helps in the holistic and homeopathic areas in particular.

Chakra – Root or Base Chakra

Healing – Is a great stone to assist with joint and circulatory issues, including inflammation and aches and pains.


  • Can be used in all meditations particularly when you are in need of protection and grounding..
  • Wonderful as a healing tool and great to wear if you have joint issues.
  • A fantastic study stone to assist you with your focus and work.

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