Darwin Glass (Darwinite)

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Darwin Glass (Darwinite)



Darwin Glass 

    • Alternative Names: Darwin Glass, Darwinite
    • Crystal System: Amorphous
    • Location found: Mount Darwin, Tasmania Australia
    • Hardness Mohs: 6 to 7
    • Formation: Glass Meteorite, Tertiary
    • Mineral Class: Oxide
    • Colour: Dark Green-Black
    • Rarity: Very Rare
    • Forms:  Natural formations, Jewelry
    • Birthstone: Nil

Darwin Glass History Mythology: Darwin Glass was created when a meteorite impacted Tasmania approximately 770,000 years ago, this makes Darwin Glass the youngest in the translucent glass Tektites family commonly know as ‘meteor splash glass’ – which also include Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass.  It is quite rare for a splash tektite to form as it takes a special set of circumstances, it is believed that the meteor come down with such force that it creates a huge explosion which blends both the meteor and earth creating a natural glass.  

Darwin Glass Metaphysical Healing Properties: Darwin Glass is a wonderful stone that holds a lot of the same properties as Moldavite but is a much more gentle stone to work with.  Like all Tektites Darwin Glass is a great protection stone particularly when you are having trouble picking up strong emotions from those around you and you require a shield.  Darwin Glass creates a protective bubble around you that allows you to remain peaceful and calm as you filter all the information you are picking up from around you and process it in an objective way.  

It also helps opening the Heart Charkra allowing you to create a loving relationship with everything around you, including people, animals, earth and beyond.  Due to its lack of crystal structure  it give unlimited flexibility and helps you to expand in all ways, using this structure it helps to create a link between your Third Eye Chakra and your Forehead Chakra which allows you to open yourself to your higher self and other dimensional beings in order to expand your knowledge.  Darwin Glass has a strong connection to nature and allows you to see the importance of the natural world around you much more clearer.

Chakra – Heart Chakra, Third Eye, Forehead Chakra and Crown Chakra

Healing – Wonderful when used with any heart issues as well as an issues of the lungs.


  • Can be used in all meditations particularly when needing a shield or protective barrier.
  • Darwin Glass has a strong connection to nature – a great tool to use when you are trying to reconnect or work with natures energies.
  • Wonderful in meditations to expand the Third Eye and connect with higher self or higher beings.
  • Carried as a talisman for protection.

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Darwin Glass Meteorite 6.2 grams $33.50 click here for more information
Darwin Glass Meteorite 6.2 grams $33.50 click here for more information


Darwin Glass Meteorite 2.8 grams $14 click here for more information
Darwin Glass Meteorite 2.8 grams $14 click here for more information