Celestite (Celestine)

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Metaphysical Healing Properties Information: Celestite is a stone that will assist you in connecting with your spirit guides as well as stimulating your Psychic powers.  It has a gentle uplifting vibration that can assist with stress relief and bring clarity of mind to all situations.  Celestite helps to stimulate our spiritual awakening or journey so that we are more aware and can connect more easily to other realms of existence.  Celestite is a great detoxifier that helps to clear away any blockage around the heart both physically and spiritually so that your heart is cleaner and purer.   Celestite is considered a good luck stone and attract good fortune into your life.  Celestite is a stone of resolutions and assists in conflicts by bringing peace and harmony back into the situation. Teaches trust in self and the universe.

The first thing you feel when you pick up Celestite is how heavy a stone it is and how dense an energy it gives off.  It is a very high vibrational stone that allows you to expand and connect, particularly with your higher guides, higher self and Higher beings.    Affirmation: I am pure and radiant and my energy vibrates out to the universe.

Question: What’s crystal helps you to connect with your guides?

Celestite is a Liquid Crystals Stone and represents ‘Knowing’

Physical Healing –Treats disorders of the eyes and ears, eliminates toxins and soothes and relaxes and also assists with lung and breathing issues.

Applications suggested uses

  • Meditating in order to connect with your spirit guides. Combines well with Angelite, Charoite, Seraphinite and Scolecite for this purpose.
  • Carried in the pocket and used as a hand warmer and comforter.
  • Can be used in all meditations particularly when cleansing, detoxifying and healing the body. For detoxifying and cleansing these are a great combination of stones Mooralla Smoky Quartz, Fluorite, Danburite, Garnet, Celestite, Azurite and Bloodstone.
  • Laid directly on the affected body part during healing for divine healing.  Combines well with Angelite, Seraphinite and Scolecite for this purpose.
  • As a good luck talisman make a Mojo Bag with Amber, Jade and Clear Quartz.
  • Worn as a piece of jewelry and is very effective when kept within the aura to cleanse the aura and help with emotional support.  It is not seen often as a piece of jewelry as it is a very soft stone.
  • Keep in a healing room or area to help clear away negative energy.
  • DO NOT use in crystal essences.

Celestite History Mythology Information: The word Celestite comes from the Latin word ‘Coelestis’ meaning heavenly and is thought to refer to the common blue colour of Celestite.  It is a very soft stone.

Celestite Crystal Information

  • Alternative Names: Celestite and Celestine 
  • Crystal System: Orthorhombic
  • Formation: Secondary
  • Location Found: Madagascar, India, the US, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Germany, and Mexico
  • Hardness Mohs: 3-3.5
  • Rarity: Common
  • Mineral Class: Sulphates
  • Colour: Mainly blue, but also white golden/yellow and red
  • Forms: Clusters, rough, natural, tumbled, cut/carved and common in Jewelry
  • Birthstone: Nil
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign: Gemini and Libra
  • Numerlogical Number: 2 and 8
  • Element: Wind
  • Affirmation: I am pure and radiant and my energy vibrates out to the universe.


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