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Carnelian Metaphysical Healing Properties 

Carnelian is an amazing stone that has been used throughout history for its healing and protection properties.  Carnelian has the ability to anchor and ground you into the present reality.  It helps to reconnect you to nature so you can better understand the cycle of life and that all things have a place and time and trust in yourself that you are in the right place at the right time and can make the right decisions.    Carnelian works through and stimulates the Sacral Chakra which helps to move your creative energy.  It helps to connect all of your meridian or energy points so that your energy flows and you feel more vital and better able to work and play. 

Carnelian is a great stone to work on relationships as it helps to restore trust particularly if there has been abuse involved.  Carnelian is a calming stone that allows you to let go of anger and bring peace into your life. Affirmation: Energy flows through my body and I feel alive and joyful.

Question: What makes me feel alive in my life?

Chakra – Base, Sacral and Solar Pexlus Chakras.

Carnelian is a Liquid Crystals Stone and represents ‘Creativity’

Carnelian Physical Healing – Stimulates metabolism, female reproduction organ, overcomes rigidity, and impotence.  Heal’s rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia and depression. Regulates body fluids, kidneys.  Improves the absorption of vitamins.

Carnelian Applications suggested uses:

Carnelian Mythology and History Information: Carnelian’s name comes from the Latin word meaning ‘flesh’ and its colour ranges from a pale pink-orange to a deep rusty brown.  It is a variety of Chalcedony and is a member of the Quartz family.  Carnelian is one of the most ancient and well-favored Gem Stones to be used throughout the world.  Ancient artifacts particularly amulets have been found in most cultures and it is considered a very lucky stone.

Crystal Stone Information

  • Alternative Names: Cornelian 
  • Crystal System: Trigonal
  • Formation: Primary
  • Mineral Class: Oxide, quartz group
  • Hardness Mohs: 7
  • Location Found: Indonesia, Brazil, India, Russia (Siberia), & Germany
  • Rarity: Common
  • Colour: Mainly Orange,  Red, Yellow and brown
  • Forms: natural, tumbled, cut/carved and very common in Jewelry
  • Birthstone: August and also prominent for the Aries zodiac sign
  • Astrological Sign: Cancer, Leo and Taurus
  • Numerological Number:  5 and 6
  • Element: Fire
  • Affirmation: Energy flows through my body and I feel alive and joyful.


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